Jan 14, 2012

150 Challenge Participants - and an update

The Soul Screamers Reading Challenge has reached 150 participants. This is sooooo amazing! I did not think it would be possible. I mean the books are wicked awesome, but to commit five months out of your life to join a challenge is freaking fantastic! Thank you all so much!

I know I stated in my original sign up post that I would be giving away at the end of the challenge 1 pre-order copy of Before I Wake for every 10 participants that have posted at least one review or discussion post.

Well that's still true. And if by the end of the challenge we get three hundred or more participants who write a review or discussion post, that's at least 30 pre-order copies that will be up for grabs.

BUT, since we had 150 sign ups before the challenge even started, I will make this commitment:

I will be giving away AT LEAST 15 copies. So, even if a few (or more) of those people who signed up don't end up creating any review or discussion posts during the challenge, and no new participants join in, there will be at least 15 copies up for grabs for those who have posted at least one review or discussion post during the challenge.

Thank you all again for participating and for already making this challenge awesome before it's even started!


  1. Fantastic commitment!! I am so excited to get started :)

  2. How awesome is that?! Thanks for the update! I can't wait to start seeing the reviews!


  3. So excited for this challenge! I have a question though, where do you post the participation post?(: Thanks!


  4. Hi Sierra, if you have a blog you'd post it there and leave a link on my main site Fikthsun on the SSRC page.

    If you don't have a blog you can create a post on your Facebook page or Tumblr and leave that link.

    And if you have neither, then send me an email with what you want to say about yourself and why you're participating, etc. and I'll post it here as a guest post. And then you can leave the link to the post I create here on that SSRC page.