Jan 15, 2012

SSRC Goodreads Discussion Group

A totally awesome participant in the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge came up with the great idea of starting a Goodreads Discussion Group for the challenge. I never would have thought about doing something like this, but I think the idea rocks for those of you who want another forum to discuss those books.

I was totally flattered that she asked if I'd like to help her moderate the group - and that she even thought of the idea in the first place - but due in part to my fear of Goodreads, my complete cluelessness of just how to moderate a group, and because I'm just stretched too thin at the moment to have just one more place I need to check in, I'll leave it up to her to run things there. And I'll try to check in every once in awhile to share my thoughts.

The name of the group that Racquel of the blog The Book Barbies has created and is moderating is "Soul Screamers Reading Challenge." It can be found on Goodreads, HERE, for those of you who'd like to join.

I love meeting new bloggers and I got the chance to "meet" Raquel and her blog because of this challenge.

She has been kind enough to introduce herself and her blog, below. Feel free to check out her blog by clicking on her button.

Introducing Raquel of The Book Barbies

Hello! My name is Racquel, I run the blog The Book Barbies with my lovely co-blogger, Emma.

I'm just teenage girl living in Houston and I obviously adore reading! Since the days when I only read Arabic books or when I was reading kiddy books to help my English fluency, reading has been a love of mine.

Fast forward six year later and I'm still reading but that was not enough and here is where The Book Barbies comes in. I decided to join a blog to share my thoughts on books and discuss them, a great decision on my part! Discussing books makes me just as happy as reading them and that's why I had to create a group for the Soul Screamer Challenge.

I want to take this challenge a step further so this way everyone participating can interact in an easy way and share all their feelings of the books in the discussion! Instead of just writing and reading reviews, this will be a community where we can talk about the books! I'm looking forward to this, I'm sure it will be tons of fun :D

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  1. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow I've joined a lot of groups on goodreads but never have been good at sticking and commenting and being active over there...so I'm hopping that'll change with this group :D
    oh and yeap I'm Alba by the way ;)
    thanks Rachel for introducing her :P I'll be checking her blog out soon...