Jan 8, 2012

SSRC Poll: Is this a first read or a re-read?

For me, this will be a re-read of the series. I've read each book in the series, and the novellas, once in their entirety.

I have read a few of the books like My Soul to Take, My Soul to Steal and If I Die more than once. And I've read Reaper and Never to Sleep more than once.

After reading If I Die (twice) I just felt it's time to read the series all over again. Especially with Before I Wake coming out this June. And then I thought - encouraged by an awesome Soul Screamers fan on Twitter - maybe it would be great to start a reading challenge and have others read the series with me!

But what about you? You decided to join this challenge - Thank you so much! - and whatever your reason - whether it's because you just can't get enough, you had this on your shelves collecting dust and it's the motivation you needed, or you just want a chance to win some super cool prizes - I'm so psyched that you're joining in!

So, is this a first read or a re-read? Have you read this series once or more than once?

I've kept this poll anonymous, I'm just curious to see who has joined in. Results will be revealed at the end of the challenge.

Future polls may have giveaways attached, so be sure to stop on back.


  1. Another blog, Rachel? Seriously? ;)

    I'm so excited for this challenge- heck, I'm almost done rereading My Soul to Take! :D Thanks so much for organizing this (mildly confusing, lol!) but totally fun event!

  2. Hi Jen! Oh you already started reading! :) The event starts on January 15th - next Sunday and all details for each month will be revealed in the starting post.

    I decided to start this second blog to have a place for extra conversations, giveaways and stuff during the event so that they don't get lost on Fiktshun! I'm not really worried about site traffic, just want it easy for people to find info!

  3. Oops.... Right. Heh, guess I got a Tod- err, tad bit excited there. (lol, excuse the lame pun. :P) Must have overlooked that bit!

    It's cool though; this blog's kinda like a SS fansite. Kinda. Nice job on being so organized! ;)

  4. For me this is actually the first time I'm reading this. I have had the first book on my shelf for such a long time now and since I still haven't got around to read it, this challenge is the perfect opportunity to start this series. Thanks for organizing it!

    Fictional Distraction

  5. re-read for me...
    I'm not such a good re-reader of novellas T_T
    but I think I'll make an exception for Tod's Reaper one...I really feel the need to re-read it as soon as I can...I was just wondering...because I seriously cannot remember...Reaper is supposed to be read after what book? the first one?? -_-
    complete block here!
    anyways! Soooo excited!!!