Feb 22, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Lose

My Soul to Lose

The first time, I read MSTL after reading the five books so I knew everything about Kaylee.

But this novella is a good start for those who don’t know Soul Screamers. We meet an average teenager “Kaylee” who was dump by his boyfriend and who want to have a revenge with the help of her best friend Emma. But, Kaylee is not an average teenager. She see shadows and she need to cry. But she doesn’t know why.

Immediately, we were with Kaylee during her panick attack and after in a psychiatric hospital. Kaylee doesn’t want to stay in this place and it’s a difficult period of this life.

After reading this Novella we understand better why Kaylee is so afraid of Lakeside. And this week in the hospital continues to haunt Kaylee in the others books, especially in the first book.

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