Feb 21, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save

This is my fourth reading of this book but my first in English and I love “Soul Screamers” more and more.

The second book is as good as the first. There is action all the time. It’s a race against time. Someone is in danger and the time is short.

I’m a fan of Kaylee.

She have to deal again with her new world. She learns how to use her powers and all the things around this.

Kaylee is a good person who is always there to protect innocent victims. When she knows that one person is in danger she goes again the danger.

Addison Page, the popstar, sold her soul to an hellion and she is going to die without it. When Tod asks Kaylee to help Addy to recover her soul, she says “Yes” immediately while she knows she will be in danger too. She wants to help Addy and her sister and she does all she can to do that. She is afraid but she do it. She is going to die in the netherworld but she stays and deal with the hellion. She is very courageous.

I like Kaylee but the character I prefer is Tod. I love him in the first book and I’m so happy to see it again. Tod is present in all the chapters. He is so great.

We discover a new aspect of him. He is not a grim reaper, heartless. When he learns that Addy, his ex-girlfriend is going to die he is devastated and he wants to save her so much. He asks Kaylee and his brother to help Addy. He is so cute when he is with Addy. He takes her hand, he supports her.

In the end, he is so sad. He has just lost Addy knowing that she will suffer for an eternity with Avari. For that, he sends the bad guy Dekker in the Netherworld.

I like Emma, the good friend. She is always here for Kaylee. She lends her car and lies to Kaylee’s father. Kaylee and Nash’s world is very strange for her but when she can help, she is here. I like her meeting with Tod. She takes the thing very well.

Nash is a good support for Kaylee. He was here for her in the first book and now he puts his life in danger to stay with Kaylee and help her.

In the first book, we discover that there are been sidhe and reaper. In this book, we learn about a new world where there hellions, fiends, poisonous animals and plants, where you can sell your soul. It’s a very dangerous world where Kaylee have to go. In this world there are others rules. One false step and you can die. Kaylee will have to deal with this new world. And things are not over.

To conclude I love this second book. The story is so good and there are great characters.

I go now to read the third.

Ps : sorry for my English.

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