Feb 21, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Take

My Soul to Take

To begin, sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in my review. I’m French and it’s a little difficult to write in English.

I read “My Soul to Take” three times in French so this time I read it in English and I love it.

The first time I read this book last year, I became fan. This story is so cool and we have no vampires, no werewolfs, no angels. We meet an other species: the banshees.

Rachel Vincent takes us into a new world with banshees, reapers, hellions. It’s a very interesting world.

The story is so great and original. We are always in motion with the character.

Kaylee, the heroine is a nice girl. She has a lot of courage and she does everything to protect people she loves. She goes against the danger even if she can die for this. She is my favorite female character. I like her.

My favorite character is Tod. I love him. At the beginning, he is a little scary. He is a grim reaper, so he can be dangerous. However, he is very interesting and a good looking boy. He helps Kaylee and Nash and I like when he teases them. He speaks only to Kaylee and Nash is angry because he can’t hear him. It’s amazing. I became a very fan of Tod.

To conclude, My Soul to Take is very great book and I can read it again and again, in French or in English. Thanks to Rachel Vincent for this.

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