Feb 21, 2012

Helene's Review of Reaper


After reading the first and the second book, I was a big fan of Tod, so I was so happy to read Reaper. In this book, we learn how Tod become a reaper. And it’s so great to read with a Tod’s point of view.

When we first meet Tod in My Soul to Take, he is a reaper since two years. He’s not a human anymore. He lost a bit of his humanity. But in Reaper we can see Tod the human, the seventeen years old boy.

In the beginning Tod is just an average teenager. He goes out with girl, he like watching TV. He has a little brother and he has to deal with him. The two brothers squabble like all the siblings. But Tod is not a bad brother. He goes to take Nash when he calls and he cares about him.

When they had the accident, he was so terrible for Tod. His brother is killed and Tod felt guilty because he said bad things to his brother. He had the courageous to call the reaper and he took Nash place. He gave his life for his brother. Even if he said to Levy that he was not an angel, Tod is a good person. When he look at Nash for the last time it’s very sad. We want to cry.

I love all the things with Levy when he learned that he can have an after life. We learn more about reapers and the qualify to become one of them.

Tod is very amazing. He took this very good for someone who just die. We know that Tod is very funny as a reaper but he was already funny before. I love this facet of Tod. He has a good humor.

When Levy left Tod at his mother’s house it was very very sad. Tod saw that he had no place there. It’s not his home. He can just see his mother and brother cry. I want to cry too. It was so difficult for Tod. He can do nothing for them. And before leaving the house, he saw his birthday’s cake. I want to cry again.

Finally he took the job and went to talk to his mother. It was a beautiful moment with a lot of emotions.

Finally he killed the man who killed him. He says he is not an angel and he says right.

For the fan of Tod and for other, this novella is so great. For those who love Tod, they love him more, and for the others they discover a wonderful boy.

I love this Novella and I can read it again and again.

Thanks to Rachel Vincent who creates my favorite character.

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