Feb 8, 2012

Reading Mind's Review of My Soul to Take

Soul Screamer #1

My Soul To Take
Review by Reading Mind

This is my re-reading of the book, and I was glad I did it, because it made me remember how my love for this series started.

I remember reading this book the very first time and thinking “I don’t really like you, Kaylee”, after just a few pages, but it clearly turned out I was wrong, because I ended up liking her and the book more than I thought I would, and the series just keeps getting better.

Okay, so, I was fascinated by the idea behind the book: banshee, screaming women that guide the souls of dying people. It was very new and I wanted to see how the story would deal with it, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. At first, the whole screaming thing was a little bit creepy: I’m okay with glowing, disappearing, seeing dead people, being a vampire/werewolf/ghost/whatever, but screaming? How could this be useful? How could Rachel Vincent make it interesting? And why did I doubt it? I wanted to read the next one the moment I finished this! The world building is wonderful and when you get to the end, everything makes sense.

Kaylee has a power which is clearly not easy to manage and that caused her problems in the past. I love how she seems like your typical girl bus she’s not: she’s strong, even if she sometimes doubts it, she’s impulsive, loyal and she says what’s on her mind. She sometimes messes up things, but with the best intentions and she’s cool. Very cool. We get to know a little bit about her powers and her world, which sounds very fascinating, but my main interest was getting to know the characters: I love Emma, Kaylee’s best friend, because she’s fun! And I like that we see her in the next books as well.

Strangely, I didn’t really connect with the main love interest, Nash, the super cute athletic boy who Kaylee falls in love with. It’s not that I really dislike him, it’s just…I always thought their whole relationship was a bit off and rushed. He’s nice, he knows about Kaylee’s ability (and has some of his own), but in my opinion Nash is just a spoiled guy. On the other hand, Tod…Yeah, Tod is absolutely great. I knew Rachel would have had more to say about him in the future, because, really, Nash’s dead brother is the most freaking lovely, ironic and angry reaper of all times. He’s funny, deadly funny, and it seems like he doesn’t care about anything. Key word here: seems.

The story was interesting and very enjoyable, and the end is full of unexpected twists and surprises that I didn’t really see it coming. So, even if at first I wasn’t sure I liked it, I ended up changing my mind. Re-reading the book just confirmed me with the fact that this series has gotten better that I imagined, and I was happy to see how it all began. I should really remember not to judge a book by its incipit!

Rating: 4 stars for the re-reading! (I gave it 3 stars on my first reading)


  1. I was a Tod girl at heart since the first book too!

  2. I totally agree with you about the bean sidhe thing. From the second I heard about it, I thought it was a super cool and original idea. Great review!