Feb 15, 2012

SSRC Mini Challenge: Fearless and Niederwald

In addition to the three novellas that Rachel Vincent wrote in the Soul Screamers series, she also wrote two short stories.

Fearless, which can be found in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology and Niederwald which can be found in the Enthralled anthology.

As these two short stories are not included in the original list of extra credit reads, I thought I would do a mini challenge for these two books here on the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge Blog for this month only.
The Challenge
To read and review - or share your thoughts about - Fearless and Niederwald.
The Rules
  1. Read either or both Fearless and Niederwald between February 15 and March 14, 2012. (It can be a re-read, but it must be re-read between February 15 and March 14.)
  2. Review or post your thoughts on either or both books between February 15 and March 14, 2012. (The Linky will be open through March 17 for any reviewers who forgot to link them sooner, HOWEVER, posts MUST be from February 15 and March 14.)
  3. Post your link to each review or thoughts post in the Linky below. Make sure you leave a link for EACH post.
  4. Reviews MUST be posted between February 15 and March 14.
  5. You can get up to TWO entries into this mini challenge giveaway.
  6. There will be ONE winner.
The Prize
Winner will receive a signed paperback copy of My Soul to Steal OR two unsigned Rachel Vincent books of your choice from Amazon or The Book Depository.
If you don't have a blog, Facebook page, Goodreads account or Tumblr, leave a comment below and if your thoughts or review is positive, I will post it here on the SSRC.

Good luck and Happy Mini Challenge!

UPDATE: For those who are first time readers, you may want to skip this mini challenge as the stories involve a character that will appear later in the series. I WILL be hosting this Mini Challenge again during the monthly read for MY SOUL TO STEAL with a different prize up for grabs.

Let's see those posts...


  1. I'm a new reader so will reading these two short stories spoil anything in the later books as i've only read 'My soul to Take' so far? Thanks

  2. I haven't read Fearless, but I will check and let you know about that one. Niederwald introduces you to a character you won't meet until later. So you may want to wait until you've met Sabine before reading this.

    I will be having other giveaways this month that won't require reads of future books. And I may offer this up as another mini challenge during the MSTSteal month for first time readers.

  3. ooooh!!I've read Fearless!! >.< >..< sadly I don't own Enthralled so I won't be reading that one...BUT I'm in!! >.< yey for more SS stories!! >.< can't wait to read more of Sabine there again!;)

  4. Oh dear! I got all confused and read Niederwald last month! I thought the short stories counted like the ebooks did - I think this is because I can't get the ebooks as I live in the UK. I got muddled. Oh well! A quick re-read, a short "thoughts" post, and a link to my original review from last month. Now to see if I can get Kiss Me Deadly...

  5. Joanne, I did give you an extra entry for the review since you posted it that month. I hadn't thought of these two short stories until Jaime pointed them out which is why I added the mini challenge. But if you'd like to post your thoughts either this month or later in the challenge when I host this mini challenge again, feel free!

  6. I have a question regarding Niederwald and Fearless. I've read them both before and I wanted to review them. However, when I signed up for the SSRC, I signed up with my goodreads account (because I didn't set up a blog at the time). And since Niederwald and Fearless are both featured in anthologies, they aren't up as individual books. I was wondering if I could do a review post on my blog instead (despite not signing up on the SSRC signup post with my blog name and used my goodreads name instead). Thanks.

  7. KAT - your reviews were posted on March 17th and the deadline for the Mini Challenge were between February 15 and March 14.

    Since you did post them after the giveaway period, you can add them to the links for the Month Three challenge on Fiktshun.com for extra entries into this month's giveaway.