Feb 18, 2012

SSRC Month One Winners

Prize #1 - The Rachel Vincent book of your choice ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository to TWO WINNERS

Winner One - #50 Mersadies of My Book Obsession

(Original Winner Two is a forfeit as their link could not be verified and they did not respond to comment to update their entry.)

Winner Two - #58 YA Readers Escape

Prize #2 - The signed copy of My Soul to Keep to ONE WINNER

Winner - #61 Fiction Freak

Prize #3 - A Kindle eBook copy of Never to Sleep to FOUR WINNERS

Winner One - #111 Blackplume

Winner Two - #95 Alba @ Bookpics

Winner Three - #71 Books4Juliet

Winner Four - #7 Jos Book Reviews

Prize #4 - A Kinde eBook copy of either Reaper or My Soul to Lose to TWO WINNERS

(Once again original Winner One is a forfeit as their link could not be verified and they did not respond to comment to update their entry.)

Winner One - #107 Epic Chocolate Fantasy

Winner Two - #73 Once Upon a Bookcase

WINNERS, if you do not wish to receive your prize - whether it is the eBook or print copy - please let me know by email at fiktshun[at]gmail[dot]com or in the comments and I'll choose another winner or winners. If you choose not to accept your prize, I will give you an extra entry into next month's giveaway.

Winners of the book of your choice, please contact me by email with your address details and your book of choice.

Winner of the signed book, please contact me by email with your address details.

Winners of the Kindle eBooks, please contact me by email with the email address you wish to use to receive your Kindle eBook gift. (It does not have to be the email address you use for your Amazon account. It's just the address you'll get the Kindle eBook gift certificate.)

Congratulations to the month one giveaway winners! With each month of the giveaway more prizes will be added!


There were a few entrants who either had links that couldn't be verified, posts that fell outside the dates for the first month's challenge or links that were not entered into the Linky.

For those who left them in the comments and didn't update the Linky, for this month ONLY I've assigned them a number.

For those who had multiple reviews in one post, for this month ONLY I've assigned them additional entry numbers.

But for next month please remember:

1. Links to posts MUST be to the post. It's especially important for those who leave posts on Goodreads. If I can't verify that a review was done, I can't count that review as completed for the giveaways.

2. Links to post MUST be left in the linky. Your entry into the monthly giveaways only counts if you have a number, so links in comments won't be counted. For this month ONLY I've manually assigned a number to those who haven't left their link in the linky.

3. If you review more than one book each month, please create it as a separate post so that you can have multiple entries into each month's giveaway. If you post two or three reviews in one post you'll only get assigned one number which means only one entry. For this month I've gone ahead and manually assigned additional numbers but for the MONTH TWO giveaways you will only get one entry for each link you leave, even if you have multiple reviews.

4. Reviews MUST be from the time period of that month's challenge. While I'm leaving the Linky list open for a few days after each month's challenge for anyone who forgot to leave their links, the challenge dates end EVERY MONTH on the 14th of the month. So anyone who left a link to a review posted on February 15th or later are not eligible for the month one giveaway. You can add your link into the month two giveaway and have multiple entries for month two. BUT MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR REVIEWS IN DURING THE CHALLENGE DATES IF YOU WANT TO BE COUNTED FOR THAT MONTH.

See my final "UPDATE" comment HERE to find out if you need to resubmit your links or if you were one of the entrants that any of the above apply to.

Thanks so much to everyone participating in the challenge! I can't believe all the reviews rolling in. Month two has just begun and there are already reviews posted. This is AWESOME!

I hope you're enjoying the books, whether they're your first read, re-read, re-re-read or more! This is one of my all-time favorite series and I just love that everyone is getting the chance to discover or revisit these books!

Happy SSRC Reading!


  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the eBook but I'm not claiming it since I already have a kindle copy of Never To Sleep. Feel free to draw another winner :)

    Thanks again and congratulations to other winners :)

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Hope i'm more lucky for Month 2. Will be reading 'My Soul to Save' for the first time!!! =)

  3. oooh T_T that's my luck -_- first time I win something officially in your blog + on my very first challenge T_T and I already own the book I think this is the first time EVER EVER lol I'll contact you through your email ^-^ and congrats to all the winners >.< I can't believe Mr. random.org finally chose me!! *-*

    ~so excited for month 2!!!!~

  4. Congrats to all the winners! Sorry you had so many trouble with the links this month Rachel, let's hope that won't happen again!

  5. Yaaay! I'm so glad I won! :) Looking forward to hopefully reading the ebook. Think I'll choose Reaper :) Thank you, Rachel!

  6. Congratulations to the winners!! :) ;)

  7. oh my gosh! A friend told me that I won and I didn't even know it! :< Can I still claim my prize though it's been a looong while?

    Thank you so much =)

    April @Books4Juliet
    Email: i4thmonth(at)gmail(dot)com