Feb 2, 2012

SSRC MSTTake Pick Your Boy and Giveaway

This discussion post is for those who have read My Soul to Take - whether during the challenge or before.
For those of us who have read the series, or read just a bit further into the series than the first book, we may have shifted our allegiance to a different boy for Kaylee.

But in My Soul to Take it seems as if there is only one perfect boy for Kaylee Cavanaugh. But then again, maybe not....

So, what I'd like to know is:

1. Is this your first read of My Soul to Take or a re-read?

2a. If you have read MSTTake before: Who did you think the perfect boy for Kaylee was on your first read of just that book? Why? Has your pick changed after re-reading it? Why? (Please try to keep your answers spoiler-free and only give your opinions as they pertain to MSTTake.)

2b. If this is your first read of MSTTake: Who do you think is the perfect boy for Kaylee? Why?

3. Any other thoughts?

If you leave a comment with your answers to the above three questions and a way to get in touch - Twitter name, FB page, email or other - I will let Random choose one winner on Sunday night at 10 p.m. Pacific for:

One copy of any of Rachel Vincent's books that I can order from Amazon or The Book Depository.

Yes, it's international. Yes, you have to be at least 13. And yes, if you choose one of the adult reads you need to be at least 18.

I will contact the winner for their book selection by whichever method they leave me to contact them and announce them here in this post on Monday.

Congratulations Mariana Pereira Bezerra! You are the winner for a Rachel Vincent book of your choice. I'll be contacting you by email for your details!

I'll be having another giveaway shortly, stay tuned...


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  2. 1. This is my first time reading this series.
    2b. After reading MSTTake, I'd have to say at the moment I think Nash is the perfect man for her. He totally gets her and he can help her cope better with certain things.

    I'm absolutely LOVING these books, I've read books 1 & 2 plus the prequel Novella. As soon as I can I'm going to order the next two, I'm dying to find out what happens next. :)

    s_l_a_s_c69 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. It was my first time :) I really liked My Sould To Take :) About the guys.. well Nash is hot obviously. And he is popular, and it seems he really does care about Kaylee. But Tod is.. well he is sexy in a mystirious way and I like it :P

    I was thinking after reading the first book, that it's really interesting.. Well, normally I know from the beginning which guy I like more :P But in this one? Good God, no way to choose :P I like both of them!

    Now perfect for Kaylee. Uh huh, difficult question. Nash can calm her down when she sense that someone is dying. On the other hand Tod seems to read her mind and knows exactly what she needs. :P :)

    I really really can't pick! Maybe after the I'll the second book.. I'll see :) :)

    My Twitter: @neabarabea

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  5. I'm re-reading the book and even when I read it the first timem I didn't like Nash that much. I cannot connect to him as a character, I mean, I don't like the way he acts most of the time. And I neer liked him with Kaylee, especially in the other books.

    On the other hand, Tod has always intrigued me, but I couldn't quite figure him out, not until I read his novella. I liked him, but that was it. I thought Kaylee was better off alone, at first.

    And yes, I changed my mind. But I don't wanna spoil anything!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  6. 1. Is this your first read of My Soul to Take or a re-read?
    ANSWER: First reread!

    2a. If you have read MSTTake before: Who did you think the perfect boy for Kaylee was on your first read of just that book? Why? Has your pick changed after re-reading it? Why? (Please try to keep your answers spoiler-free and only give your opinions as they pertain to MSTTake.)
    ANSWER: First, I liked Nash. Because face it, Tod was barely given an important role. But during my reread? HELL YEAH. Why? Um... I kinda hated Nash already after IID. And I'm sorry, but I couldn't go back to loving him after reading MSTTake again. And I saw Tod in a whole new light! ;)

  7. The first time I read this book I liked Tod more. As soon as Nash took her to the hospital to meet him I knew I wanted her with him. And then when he snuck and got her number out of Nash's phone to call her I really knew I wanted them together. I still have to do my re-read of the first book. It will be interesting to view it all again. I need to go purchase vol 1.

  8. 1. This is a re-read for me.

    2a. The first time I read this book, I loved Nash and thought he and Kaylee were MFEO. :) Even re-reading it, I re-fell in love with Nash. When we meet Tod in this book, (in my first read) I didn't really like him. Of course he's grown on me and I adore him now.

    3. SInce this is a re-read for me, I see things differently now. I notice some of the details more too. So, in some ways I felt like I was reading a brand new story! I love Tod now and didn't like him in my first read.

    Having so much fun re-reading! This is one of my favorite series!

  9. 1. I read this the first time now. :)

    2b. Well, even though it truly seems after book #1 as though there's only Nash for Kaylee, I have really developed a weakness for Tod. Definitely hoping to find out more about him and crossing my fingers that I might be lucky and get a pretty love triangle (I just love these at the moment :D).

    3. My Soul to Save is sitting on my shelf right now. It wants me to pick it up. I want to pick it up. But I need to stay strong and wait until the second month of the challenge. And I need to learn (which is even worse).

  10. 1. This is my first read of the series.
    2. I like Nash for Kaylee for sure!!
    3. I'm getting antsy to start reading the next one!!!

    twitter: @KristinStrauman

  11. 1. I've re-read these books several times.

    2a. In this book I love Nash, he’s the one! Nash always knows how to make Kaylee feel better and at ease. He wants to help her and gives her everything she needs. He seems to understand her and her outlook on different things in life. I feel like this is the beginning of something beautiful. They have extraordinary chemistry and the foundation of a deep friendship. No, my pick hasn’t changed based on just this first book, even in my re-read. Nash has some small issues, but nobody’s perfect. And in My Soul to Take, Nash is pretty close.

    3. I’ve loved Tod from his first appearance. The more he pops up the more I love him. You can see he’s a little off, but also that he is so much more than what the reapers stereotypically are. In this book, I feel he’s going to be a perfect match for someone, I just don’t know who.

  12. 1. Is my first time reading the series.
    2b. I'm not sure right now, because when I was reading MSTT the romance with Nash was really fast and I had my suspicious about his real intentions and I had all the same doubts that Kaylee had. So I´m still undecided.


  13. 1. Is this your first read of My Soul to Take or a re-read?


    2a. If you have read MSTTake before: Who did you think the perfect boy for Kaylee was on your first read of just that book? Why? Has your pick changed after re-reading it? Why? (Please try to keep your answers spoiler-free and only give your opinions as they pertain to MSTTake.)

    That's hard to say, because when I first read MSTTake, I knew (having read his Crush Tourney Advocate Post) that some people loved Tod more than Nash, and so I was expecting to love Tod. And I did. That being said, I also liked Nash. I honestly can't remember exactly what I was feeling after reading just MSTTake for the first time. Reading it again, I'm fully loving Tod.

    3. Any other thoughts?

    TOD <3 TOD <3 TOD <3 TOD <3 TOD

    My email: mag.geekchic@yahoo.com

    My twitter: @geekchic_mag

  14. This is my first time reading the series, and I'm very excited! I hit a few bumps with MSSTake, but I'm looking forward to book #2.

    As I said in my review, I really like Nash, but I'm sure something will test my loyalties in the later books. He seems kind, caring and an interesting character - I want to know more of his back story. Tod was interesting too (and I liked his humour!) but I just wasn't feeling him to much in MSSTake. But I'm not 100% committing myself to one team or another yet :)

    Twitter: @BookishComforts

  15. This is my first time reading My Soul to Take and in honesty, while I like Nash, I'm leaning more towards Tod for Kaylee.

    Tod has a bit more of that bad boy image which I am partial too whereas Nash is too much of a boy next door. Plus I while I can appreciate the fact that Nash has the means to calm Kaylee down when she has her premonition, I can see him taking advantage of that later down the road, and that I do not approve of. Also, like Kaylee, I shared the same doubts she had at the start when Nash took an interest in her. Tod's interest seems more genuine.


  16. It was my first time reading this series, but I can't understand why some people think Tod is for Kaylee. I'm a Nash girl so far. :p

    Tod is so... distant, I guess? I didn't really like him in MSTTake. But I was also suspicious of Nash right away in MSTTake and warmed up to him when he told Kaylee what she was. It made sense then why he confronted Kaylee at the club, but not at the very beginning.

    Idk. I like Nash. He's sweet and seems to be perfect for Kaylee who is also sweet and innocent.

    ashelynnhetland @gmail.com

  17. Well, I have been on #TeamTod from the first time I picked up this book. Yes, Nash is nice and sweet and everything, but I always wondered what his real motivation with Kaylee was. I could never quite shake the feeling, he only liked her because she is a bean sidhe. Also, he just always seemed too perfect and too good to be true. Yes, I know I'm repeating myself. ;)

    I know I commented, but please don't enter me in this giveaway. Obviously, I would love to win another Rachel Vincent book, but since I won the last giveaway, I figured I sit this one out. I just couldn't read this post and leave without commenting. Tod... *sigh* LOL

  18. I'm reading it for the first time and I can't quite get into Nash it was all too fast and convenient, and love out of convenience is never good.

    Twitter: @marthapao

  19. I'm re-reading the series and I believe it's my third time reading it. Except for IF I DIE because that came out last August. In MSTT, Nash is the perfect dreaming BF Kaylee could have and he made good points that together they can be something incredible. I'm not going to say anything else without being spoilery since I've read all the books already and reading brought back memories of the other books.
    Any other thoughts? Yeah, Can BEFORE I WAKE comes out already?!?!?!

  20. 1. It's my first read of My Soul To Take and I loved every page of it! :D

    2b. ooo..this is a hard question, I usually end up liking both guys in books, but I'm more of a Tod person, probably. Anyways..the perfect guy for Kaylee? I would probably say Nash because they're already together and Nash is always there for her when she starts "freaking out" and they're so adorable together!

    3. Just that I can't wait to read the other books! :D


  21. 1. This is my first reading of My Soul To Take and I really enjoyed it.

    2b. When Kaylee met Nash I felt that he was perfect for her but once Tod came on the scene I started to have my doubts. By the end of the book Tod was my favorite and I'm leaning towards him for Kaylee at this point.

    3. It is so hard to wait to read the next book until the right time!

    @tezzkatt (twitter)

  22. This is my 3ed tie resding the first book in the soul screamers series.

    Rereading this book I'd have to say I gotta keep my choice of Nash. But as the series progress, I change my answer to Tod.

    I was blown away to see how innocent Kaylee really is at the beginning of the story and to remeber how much she harden over the series.

  23. 1 - It was my first read of My Soul to Take & I already love the series :D

    2b - I guess for now - it's Nash. I actually thought I won't like him, so I was surprised that I did, but Tod is definitely more interesting character. I have to admit that I haven't made up my mind. I liked both Nash & Tod, but it's only the 1st book & I usually don't attach easy to the boy characters, so we will see who I'll start to love & think it's perfect for Kaylee (or me lol), although I have a feeling it will be Tod ;)

    3. I loved both the prequel & MStT & I can't wait to read My Soul to Save, so thanks again for hosting this challenge, Rachel! I'm actually counting the days until February 15th ;) Lol I just realised I still haven't written the reviews for MStL & MStT - I've been lazy, but hopefully I'll write them this weekend ;)

    sandric.sk at gmail dot com

  24. This is my first time reading this series and so far I think Nash is perfect for Kaylee or any girl. He's so romantic!!
    I hope to hera more from Tod on the next few books.


  25. 1. I'm taking this challenge as an opportunity to re-read this awesome series!

    2a. When I first read MStT, I believed that Nash was the right guy for Kaylee. He's always there for her, willing to help and not to mention that he saved her a lot in that book by telling her the truth when no one else did. However, since I've read the rest of the series, looking back, I get almost nostaglic looking at this version of Nash. The "Nash" now is quite different (in my eyes) compared the the one that we meet in the first book. Before all of the events in the later books happened, Nash seemed almost innocent and naive in MStT, but he changed dynamically as the series goes on.

    3. I just have to add that when Tod first appeared, I didn't really think much of him, but I warmed up to his character as the book went on and I sensed a mystery to his character, which intrigued me. So I liked him more and more as MYtT progressed, but even at the end of the book, I still thought that Tod wouldn't be a romantic interest for Kaylee.

    Twitter: @xsweeteternityx

  26. This is a reread for me and I have to say from book one I have been a Tod girl FOR ME! I thought Nash was incredible to Kaylee, like he was just what she needed then. So in book one I was a firm believer that Nash was for Kaylee and Tod was all MINE ;) a girl can hope right?
    Twitter: LovesBooks96

  27. This is my second time reading MSTTake. I'm all about Nash at this point but I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind in a couple books. ;)


  28. I'll be reading My Soul to Take for the second time. When I first read My Soul to Take, I thought Nash was perfect for Kaylee. He was the model of an amazing boyfriend, sweet, caring, loyal and completely in love with Kaylee.

    I haven't re-read MStTake yet but when it comes to the first book, I don't think my opinion of Nash will change. Nash was amazing for Kaylee. He was there for her when almost no one else was, supporting her no matter what. And he'll always be awesome for that.

    Other thoughts? Bless The Broken Road. That is all.

  29. This is my second time reading My Soul To Take. I would have to say that when I first read My Soul To Take I thought Nash was super cute and could not wait to see him with Kaylee. I haven't gotten very far into my re-read, but as it pertains to the first book, I still think Nash is a good fit. I know that opinion may change, I have only read the first 3 books, before starting the re-read.

    unabridgedbookshelf at gmail dot com

  30. This week's Soul Screamers Giveaway is NOW CLOSED. I'll be running the numbers through Random in the morning and will announce the winner in this post. STAY TUNED AND GOOD LUCK!

  31. I know the giveaway is over, but I wanted to share my views too. Hope that's ok!

    I finish my re-read of MSTTake yesterday. When I read it the first time round, I didn't even consider Tod as anything other than a reaper, I had no reason to. So Nash was the only guy I was thinking about as a love interest, and he was lovely! I was quite surprised by how much I liked him in the re-read, as I have been anti-Nash for quite a while, but when they started out, things were just brilliant, and he was just so awesome and hot! But that's just for this book only. I think the events that happen in If I Die are the right ones. Now I like Nash, but I still think the way things go is the right way - for him rather than for Kaylee.