Mar 19, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep

(Note: Helene's review does contain spoilers for MSTKeep.)

My Soul to Keep is the third book of Soul Screamers. Like the others I love it from beginning to end.

The story takes place one month after the second. Kaylee went to a party with her boyfriend Nash and she thought she can have a good evening same all teenagers but she is wrong. She can’t have a normal party. She is a bean sidhe and the Netherworld is never far from her.

In the second book she took decisions and made things and now she has to face the consequences.

Doug Fuller, Nash’s friend inhales Demon’s Breath, something very toxic for humans. Kaylee and Nash have to find where Doug find demon’s breath and stop him before he dies.

It’s a new race against time for Kaylee.

But things are never easy for her. Carter too takes demon’s breath and he becomes more and more violent and crazy.

And after, she discovers that Nash takes demon’s breath too. It’s a betrayal for her.

And finally she has to go back in the Netherworld and face Avari.

This book is very intense and full of action.

1) Kaylee and the Netherworld :

Since she has discovered she was a bean sidhe, Kaylee had to fight with Demons. After fighting again a reaper in the first book and facing Avari in the second, she had this time to deal with a substance from the Netherworld. “Frost” was coming in the human world and with it, all the humans were in danger.

She has to deal with a man she doesn’t know to help Nash and her dad. Alec, Avari’s proxy comes through Emma to talk to her.

Kaylee has to go back in the Netherworld if she wants to save the two guys she loves and stop Avari’s project.

I’m always impressed by Kaylee’s courage. She faces again and again the danger to save people she cares for.

2) Kaylee and Nash’s relationship:

Kaylee was grounded for one month and it was over. So she and Nash went to a party. They are very close. Nash was here to help and protect her. They have a beautiful relationship. But Nash seems different. He Influences her to do things. They fight several times. Nash doesn’t want to talk about the frost and he doesn’t help Kaylee with her dad. Something is wrong with him. He takes demon’s breath too and has bad mood all the time.

Kaylee is shocked when she discovers that. Nash has lied to her. He sold his emotions about her. And worse he used her body to talk to Avari. He is not anymore the Nash she knew.

It’s difficult for their relationship. Nash has betrayed her.

The beauty in their relationship is gone. Kaylee can’t trust him anymore. She needs time to think about them.

I’m very disappointed about Nash. He is not one of my favorite characters but I thought he was a good guy. It is not his fault if he inhales Demon’s breath the first time but he should have told someone about his problem. Tod and his mum could help him before the things went too far.

I don’t like how he lies to Kaylee and let Avari uses her body. It will be difficult for him to regain Kaylee's confidence and I agree with Kaylee’s choice at the end of the book.

3) My favorite character: Tod :

In the beginning of the book I was disappointed because we didn’t see Tod a lot. He’d just appeared a few times in the first chapters. After seeing him a lot in the second book, I want to read more about him. Fortunately, he came in the 19th chapter to help Kaylee. When Kaylee need his help he is always here. He stays with her during his free time because Kaylee can’t stay alone. He helps her in the Netherworld to take back Nash and her dad. I love when his fist slam into Nash’s jaw. He is very mad about what Nash did to Kaylee.

In this book we can see that he does everything for people he cares for. He deals with Avari to see Addy. He helps her the only way he can. But when he has to choice between Addy and his brother, he doesn’t think about twice. He does what he has to do to save his brother.

I love him in the first book but after each book I love him more.

4) My re-read experience:

I read MSTK three or four times in French and it’s my first time in English.

I remember my last read but each read is different and more I read more I love. And this time I read in English and I prefer. It’s the original version. When the book is translated some things change but in English we read auteur’s words.

I’m sure I will read this book again because Soul Screamers it’s my favorite books and it’s a real pleasure each time I read them.

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