Mar 9, 2012

Reading Mind's My Soul to Save Review

My Soul to Save

So here we are, back with Kaylee and her friends! I had even more fun rereading the second book, even if it’s harder to write a spoiler-free review for a second book in a series.

Basically, in My Soul to Save we have young stars trading their souls for fame and fortune until they end up…well, dead. When you trade your soul with the Netherworld guys it never ends well and Kaylee knows it. That’s why she decides to help Tod and his former girlfriend (now a hot popstar) Addy who sold her soul. I like how Rachel put a message in the book; it’s like saying ‘see? Nothing is worth selling yourself’.

Kaylee is absolutely beautiful: I’ve always had a problem connecting with female protagonists because I feel they are often too childish, but I like how Kaylee handles things, especially the fact that her father is back in her life and he’s very annoying! And she’s good, maybe too good for her own sake. The only thing I don’t like about her it’s the way she acts around Nash. She has too many doubts about their relationship and she’s afraid he’ll walk away if they don’t have sex. There were times I wanted to scream at her and tell her ‘Kaylee! You’re so much better than this! Don’t make a guy let you down!”. And that’s probably because I didn’t really like Nash, even in this second book. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nice and he clearly cares about Kaylee, but I got a bad ‘vibe’ from him. But I LOVE, absolutely LOVE how Rachel portraits him. He’s not the perfect guy, handsome, smart, funny and just about too good to be true. Even if I don’t like him, he feels real to me.

Tod…okay, do I have to say that I became a Team Tod fan in this book? He’s great! The things he tries to do to save Addy, the way he acts (not to mention how he manages to get on his brother’s nerves) made him such a rich and complicated character and I was really looking forward to the bits where he appeared. I also like the friendship he started to have with Kaylee and I could really appreciate it now that I read the other books. Addy is…not so likeable, in my point of view. But I think some characters are not meant to be liked. Emma, Kaylee’s best friend, was fun as always, and I’m happy to see her in the book.

The plot was very pleasant: we have a bad guy (guy may not be the right definition, though), Avari, and we got to know a little bit more about the Netherworld. It answers some of the questions I had in book one and the Netherworld is such an alien and strange place that caught my attention.

By the time I read the second book I knew this was going to be a great series (and it gets BETTER; believe me) and it was very fun re-reading it. Rating: 4 stars for the re-reading! (it was 3.5 on my first reading)

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