Mar 12, 2012

Reading Mind's Niederwald Review


It was my first read of this short story (somehow I didn’t know this one! How could it be?). As I had already read all the books and I’m rereading them, I decided I could give it a try.

I’ve never been Sabine’s biggest fan but I’ve always liked the way she’s described and this short story just made me appreciate it more. Still, I do believe Sabine is an evil b…sorry, a mean girl. Very mean.

So, we have Emma and Sabine going to a harpy oracle. Sabine wants Nash back (Really? Seriously? How come I am so not surprised?) and asks a seer about it. But the harpies are more dangerous than she thought and Emma ends up in danger. And even if she and Sabine are not going to be friends, I think we see a kind of bond starting to form between the two.

I like this short story: for those who have already read the books, it gives us insights about Sabine’s past and I’m glad I didn’t read it before, because I could understand a little bit better the spoily things in the short story. I found the harpies very interesting and wouldn’t mind seeing them again. Unfortunately, I still don’t like Sabine. She’s way too obsessed with Nash and this gets on my nerve, but the story is really good and, as always, Rachel did a great job adding info about the other characters without being too obvious.

My Rating: 3.5 stars (that’s because Sabine is the narrator)

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