Mar 14, 2012

Renee's My Soul to Save Review

My Soul to Save

And here I was thinking that it couldn't get any better than the first one. Silly me.

Kaylee and the gang are off on a whole new adventure, this time to save the souls of a fame ridden pop star who forgot to read the fine print when she was promised the world. And she also happens to have an interesting connection with our friend Tod.

Being a re-reader, I can't help but try to give Tod the benefit of the doubt, but with what he's already shown here, I wouldn't exactly give him a golden star for ethics. Both of the Hudson brothers are fiercely loyal, refusing to give up on the ones they love, even when it's too late. Even though this loyalty is something to be admired, at times they will take it too far and put others in danger because of their own plans.

Even Kaylee, who has absolutely no obligation to risk life and limb for people she's never met before does so anyway, simply because she has a heart of gold. She feels like she has to make up for the damage her aunt caused, especially once she learns the truth about what happens to people who die without their soul. The Page sisters have done nothing to deserve her help, yet she still gives it, even at times when their ignorance causes them to be ungrateful to the only person standing between them and an eternity of torture.

And I can't leave without mentioning our two new reaper friends: Libby, who has seen the millenniums stretch across the Earth, and Levi, Tod's adorable, manically terrifying boss. While he isn't quite as bad, they both seem to be unused to interacting politely with others. Even though to them humans have not become more than measly specks of life and bean sidhes only a royal pain their rear end, they both have a surprising affinity for Kaylee. They respect her quick thinking and ingenious attitude in solving problems that most people would balk at. She surprises everybody with her endless determination, even when staring death in the face. She may not have mind blowing super powers, but this girl is definitely someone to watch out for.

Rating: 4 stars

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