Mar 8, 2012

SSRC Check-in and Giveaway #4

We've got just under a week left in month two of the Soul Screamers reading challenge. Can you believe it? I can't! I have some serious reading to do.

Not to worry, if you don't get done in time, that's still okay. There's next month, or the month after that. Or even the one after that! And to be considered an official participant - or a winner in my book - you just have had to read and post about one of the books. Now that's not so tough. I mean, the books are awesome!

And remember, this challenge is all about enjoying the series - whether for the first time or the tenth - and not about the stress. We've got enough of that already.

So, for this check-in I'll keep it simple. It will be the same question for those of you who are first-time readers or repeat customers.

Who is your favorite character so far in the series and why? (Base your answers only on who is your favorite from My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save. And if you've only read the first book in the series just mention that in your answer.)

Just leave a comment with your answer and a way to get in touch - Twitter name, FB page, email or other - I will let Random choose one winner on Sunday night at 10 p.m. Pacific for:

One copy of any of Rachel Vincent's books that I can order from Amazon or The Book Depository. (This can include the two anthologies with the short stories that are in this month's mini-challenge, which will be held again in a couple months.)

Yes, it's international. Yes, you have to be at least 13. And yes, if you choose one of the adult reads you need to be at least 18.

I will contact the winner for their book selection by whichever method they leave me to contact them and announce them here in this post on Monday.

The giveaway is now CLOSED! Stay tuned and I'll announce a winner shortly!

Congratulations Ina! Wow! You are the winner for a Rachel Vincent book of your choice! I'll contact you for your book choice and details by the method you left in the comments.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts. I will be having another check-in giveaway in a couple weeks!


  1. So far I am enjoying Tod immensely the second time around when I read My Soul to Take! I am going to start reading My Soul to Save tonight, and I am definitely looking forward to some more Tod in my life, hehe. He is sort of that type of guy you thinks you're annoying at first but then as the two of you hang out more he warms up but is still sarcastic & witty all the same. And I do enjoy the brotherly jabs from Tod to Nash and vice versa! LOL

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  2. I love Kaylee, because she's smart, help when necessary and after all is only trying to have a normal life, for a banshee at least. More normal than the rest and she mostly don't hold secrets.

  3. Based on just the first two books (I just finished #4), I think my favorite character was Kaylee just because we hadn't gotten to know anyone as well as her. Sure there's a lot of Tod in book #2, but he didn't move up my list until later in the series. But back to Kaylee, she has this strong sense of doing what's right and wanting to help people. While that can get annoying, I believe her drive to do what she can. :)

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  4. I have now read 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0, all for the first time. I have to say my favorite character is Kaylee. I am not really fond of either of the boys yet...not sure about them. But Kaylee is a great independent and strong female character, and I love her! She could totally carry this book even without the boys! (And she might stay out of trouble too!)

  5. I guess, so far for me I like Kaylee. Maybe because I can relate to how she's always trying to help others, no matter the risk to herself.

  6. I think it's gonna have to be Kaylee for me too. I do love Tod, but we just don't know him very well yet.


  7. As this is my second time reading the series, I'm paying more attention to Tod. I don't know how I missed so much from him the first time around.
    I have always enjoyed Kaylee's strength and determination. I love reading about her adventures. :)

  8. I really love Emma. I love how she is always willing to help Kaylee (even when Kaylee doesn't tell her what's actually going on). She also just accepts all of the crazy things that Kaylee tells her about and never thinks that she is insane.


  9. Based on just the first two books, I would have to say that my favorite character is Kaylee. She's so selfless and brave to do what she did in both books; helping others even if it endangered her life. I really did like Tod in MStT, but my opinion of him lowered a little in MStS because of all of the secrets that he kept from Kaylee and Nash when it affected their safety.


  10. Hi! I'm loving the series so far since it's my first time read! (: I think my favorite character so far would have to be Tod. He's sexy, I love his personality and how he always ends up interrupting Nash and Kaylee where they're in the heat of the moment xD I also like how even though he doesn't seem to care on the outside, he has a kind heart (: Did I also mention he's sexy? xD


  11. I love Kaylee 100%, she has such a passion to help people when they need it or don't want it.
    Tod is a character I should have watch closely because he has the same want to help people like Addison for example and help even when he wants no part in.

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  12. I heart Kaylee. I always really like the main characters in books and say they're my favorite. I don't know why--maybe because we get to know them better? *shrugs*

    ashelynnhetland @ gmail dot com.

  13. Based on just the first two books, my favorite character has to be Harmony. She may not play a huge role, but she definitely deserves a mother of the year award. She's been through more than anyone should ever have to deal with, but she still finds time to be there for anyone who needs her. And she bakes. What can get better than that?


  14. I would say my fave chatracter so far is Tod! He just amuses me so much. Though I strangely like, but also dislike, Sophie. The fact that she's annoying amuses me, kind of. She just does her job well!

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  15. Tod Tod Tod without a doubt! Although I really like Emma, too, especially this second time around!


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  16. Kaylee would be my favorite so far. She is a selfless, no-nonsense, passionate, smart girl who is sometimes way over her head, but tries her best at the same time.


  17. It might be cliche, but I have to say Kaylee. I really like her voice. I like her character, her attitude. She's just so selfless and brave. And that's especially apparent in My Soul to Save.
    (But if I'm honest, it wasn't until I read Never to Sleep that I realized how much I like her voice and character.)

  18. If you asked me this after only My Soul to Take - I might have choose Tod, but after reading My Soul to Save - I have to go with Kaylee. She's such a great character, very likable & easy to connect to... at gmail dot com

  19. Jeepers, I'm cutting it super close this month - so far I've only read about a half a page of "MSTSave". Oh, oh, bad Ina! :D However, I did just put up my Niederwald post, so there you go. *lol*

    Anyway, so based on "MSTTake" my favorite character is Kaylee. You probably thought I'd go with Tod here, but I have to be fair, and Kaylee is just a kicka** chick. We get to know her and everything she's been dealing with, and it's so admiring how well she handled herself all these years. She is strong, determined, passionate, and so caring and loving with people she holds dear to her heart - in some cases even people she doesn't know all that well... So, that's why I had to pick her. An honorable mention has to go to Emma as well. Oh, I love Emma. She really is a true friend, so unbelievably loyal to Kaylee. Amazing! :)

  20. My favorite character is definitley Kaylee. I especially love her in My Soul to Take because when she is driving Nash home at the beginning, she lays it all out on the table. She makes it clear that she's not just giving it all out for free and she does it in a wonderfully sarcastic way! I love that she has the courage to voice her thoughts, despite how much she likes Nash. Kaylee's independence, strength, and bravery are her best qualities.

  21. My favorite right so far is Nash...
    Gosh! I'm cutting it pretty close again this month!! but I blame it on me knowing what happens next... and I think if you ever get the chance to read my soon-to-be-written MSTSave'll know why XD


  22. My favourite for the first two books is TOD!! lol he has been my favourite since the beginning! Ah I didn't get to write on my review as much as I wanted b/c school is being annoyingly important!

  23. I love Nash so far ... HE's really HOT and supportive of Kaylee.He's also quite responsible!
    (I know this answer is no longer valid as I've finished My soul to Keep but you said to base it on book 1&2)


  24. I love Tod. Honestly, even just from the first two books, he's always stood out at being my favorite character. I love his snarkiness and his flippant disregard of most social norms (rebels always get to me in the end, lol) but I also love how he has a much more serious side that we get to see in MStSave. He's loyal in his own warped way, and I love characters that seem one way but then surprise you later with these little insights (with Addy, especially) later on.

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  25. Tod, definitely Tod! I can't help but appreciate him for everything he does! He's just so adorable- especially when he started blushing in Libby's presence! :D Also, his humor- that I gotta love! And I also like all the little things he does for Kaylee. :)

    jenelleriane at yahoo dot com

  26. So far Nash is my favorite but I haven't read book 2 yet so we'll see. Starting that today :) I like how he can calm Kaylee.

  27. I've always loved Tod and Emma is so much fun for me!

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  28. I would have to say that my favorite boy character until now is Nash.
    But the one that makes me laugh the most is Tod! I can't wait to read more about him and to get to read "Reaper". I'm sure that a story, from his POV, must be really good.

    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  29. I´m currently reading chapter 18 of My Soul to Save and my favorite character so far is Kaylee mainly because she is selfless but I think she need to be more self-confident.
    thanks for the giveaway![AT]gmail[DOT]com

  30. The Giveaway is closed. I'll be choosing a winner via Random shortly. Good luck everyone!. Stay tuned...