Mar 25, 2012

SSRC: My Soul to Take Spoiler Chat Transcript

Here is the full chat transcript for the My Soul to Take spoiler chat with author Rachel Vincent, which was held on March 18, 2012.

All spoilers for If I Die have been redacted from the transcript. There are a few questions and answers that pertain to a character from the second book in the series, My Soul to Save and one question and answer that pertains to a character from the fourth book in the series, My Soul to Steal. No plot points are revealed and those questions and answers are highlighted in blue should you want to skip over them.

If you'd just like to read the questions and answers, please visit Fiktshun for the Q&A only.

== Text highlighted in purple are questions/comments that will be answered at some point during the chat.
== Names highlighted in pink are the chatters Rachel Vincent is responding to.
== Questions and answers highlighted in blue mention My Soul to Save (book 2) and My Soul to Steal (book 4) but with no plot spoilers.

[RACHEL VINCENT] Hi! I'll be in an out for a few...
[RACHEL VINCENT] So...there are 3 Rachels here at once?
<Rachel> Hehe :-)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Off to make coffee. Back in a few!
<NicaRay> Hey!
<Shannon> Welcome back :D
<perla333> :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] I think this chat will be the most difficult in the series for me, because I wrote MSTTake back in 2008 and haven't reread much of it since. ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] You guys are all one up on me. ;)
<Rachel> I'm excited about the chat - never done anything like this before!
<KShea970> Me either, very awesome
[RACHEL VINCENT] Whose never been in a live chat before?
<Kihn28> ooh i'm super excited!!! :)
<Fiktshun> Me, sort of....
[RACHEL VINCENT] That's "who's". Not Whose.
<nicky> i have kind of..
<Rachel> Moi :)
<KShea970> not with an author
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, why are you bold? How'd you do that?
<Shannon> I'm new here
<Fiktshun> There's a little font thing right above the chat box where you can choose fonts and colors. Maybe you can make yourself stand out.
<KShea970> hit the A thing above the chat box
<Fiktshun> It looks like an A.
[RACHEL VINCENT] I see it. I just wanted to make sure bold didn't indicate a PM or anything. ;)
<Kihn28> I See it
[RACHEL VINCENT] I'm blue!!!
<KShea970> I just finished Reaper and Never to Sleep yesterday on my flight. They were amazing!
<nicky> haha :)
<KShea970> well, started and finished them lol
[RACHEL VINCENT] Now I'm purple!!!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Also, I'm easily amused. ;)
<KShea970> that's a good thing :D
[RACHEL VINCENT] KShea I'm glad you liked them. No Reaper or NTS spoilers, tho. Fiktshun, how do we stand on MSTLose spoilers?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Not that there are a lot of spoilers in MSTLose...
<Kihn28> Purple I like this chat thingy where you can change color, font, etc
<KShea970> No spoilers, promise.
<Fiktshun> If Rachel's fine with the spoilers, I think it's okay....
<Kihn28> I'll try not to spoil . . .  but I'm already on My Soul to Steal LOL
<Fiktshun> I find the re-read a completely different experience.
[RACHEL VINCENT] I'm fine with MSTLose and MSTTake spoilers here, since MSTLose is meant to be read before the series.
<Rachel> I haven't read my Soul to Lose, but I'm ok with spoilers because the ebook isn't available in my country anyway
<KShea970> What are we allowed to talk about? Just curious because I don't want to be "that kid" lol
[RACHEL VINCENT] I'm relieved that this chat feature is compatible with my Mac. That's the keyboard I'm fastest on. ;)
<Kihn28> Rachel, my soul to lose is avaiable int he volume book
<Rachel> Oh really, I had no idea, that's great!
<Kihn28> but again it might not be available in your country, where do you live?
<Taylorrrrr> What are we allowed to talk about?
<Rachel> I live in the UK
[RACHEL VINCENT] OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Helene> Hi everybody
<nicky> hi helene
<Kihn28> Ah, I would check your bookstores it might be out there
<Shannon> Hello :D
<Rose2468> Are the other novellas going to be printed?
<Rachel> Hope so :D
<perla333> Me too
<KShea970> Yeah, It's MSTL and then the first two books. I thought MSTL was book one at first, so when i finished the volume I bought the fourth book not the third. so make sure you don't make the same mistake as me lol
[RACHEL VINCENT] Rose, I hope to have news about that to announce very soon...
<Kihn28> I hope reaper comes out in print, I really want to read Tod again when he was alive
[RACHEL VINCENT] Yes, Volume 1 contains the prequel novella (MSTLose is NOT a full novel) and the first two full length books.
<Rachel> I probably shouldn't have used my real name.. this could get confusing lol
<PyxiRose> Hey guys.
<KatherynUK> Hi!
<nicky> hey
<hailey> hi!
<perla333> hey :)
<Fiktshun> Yes, for any Rachel's if you could use a screen name to avoid confusion that would be awesome!
<PyxiRose> :) I just adore this series!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Question for those just now joining: can you see what was written before you logged in?
<Rachel> Can I change it somehow?
<smiling_ina> no
<KatherynUK> This room is going to get crowded... woah
<perla333> :D
[RACHEL VINCENT] I know, I know, my name's so common. ;)
<KatherynUK> No, I can't see what was written before I logged in..
<kaina> no we don't saw what was written before
<Kihn28> It keeping up with the pace and line of questions
<Rachel> It's a great name ;)
<Fiktshun> @Rachel I'm not sure if the commands work for you but if you type /nick it should change it.
<Fiktshun> (and then pick a name after the /nick)
<brina> I love you Rachel Vincent!
<smiling_ina> hello rachel! thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Okay, I'll repost the spoiler info...
[RACHEL VINCENT] OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<KatherynUK> This chat is so cool. Yeah, thanks for doing this, Rachel!:)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Brina, thank you!
<Kihn28> I have one! in MSTLose, Toby . . . why haven't  you mention him in the other books?
<Rachel> I don't think it worked.. nevermind
[RACHEL VINCENT] I may repost that spoiler policy a couple of times later on, for those joining us late...
<Helene> Hi Rachel Vincent I'm french and a big fan of your books. How do you have the idea to write about bean shide ?
<Mag_GeekChic> hello everyone :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] No worries, Rachel. I'm using my last name, so we shouldn't have too much confusion. ;)
<Nashforever> hi hoe
<smiling_ina> hi mag!!! :)
<PyxiRose> Hey Mag:)
<bookhound> Hello all....and RachelV :)
<Mag_GeekChic> Hi Ina!
<smiling_ina> Rachel, how long did it take to come with your first draft for MSTTake?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Helene, honestly, I knew I wanted to write a paranormal YA but didn't want to write about any creatures/territory that was already well-explored. So I did a bunch of folklore research and rediscovered bean sidhes. There wasn't much in the lore, which left plenty of room for me to make stuff up. That's the fun part. ;)
<PyxiRose> :)
<nicky> :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_ina, the rough draft of MSTTake took about...4 or 5 weeks.
<Helene> Yes it's what we love your books, there are different and original
<PyxiRose> Wow that is quick.
<Rachel> I have a question, but it's more general.. as a writer, you work from home, does that ever feel isolating to you ?
<Ri> I have a question! Do you outine your novels before you write them? :)
<smiling_ina> wow, that's all? I bet the edits took up most of the work.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn28, I haven't mentioned Toby again because he hasn't been necessary to the future plots. He's old news. Kaylee's SO moved on. ;)
<bookhound> Rachel, I know you can't give us specific details, but I know both your current series are ending soon. Do you have more in the works so we don't have to wait to long to read something new from you?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Okay, bear with me on the Qs. I'll answer as fast as I can...
<KatherynUK> This is more a general question, but are you planning on coming to the UK anytime this year?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Rachel, yes, writing is a very isolating career, at least for me. I've lived in S.A., TX for 2.5 years and have only made 1 in-person friend. I'm pretty sure I'd fade away without the internet. ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] PyxiRose, Most of the others are longer, but took abt the same amount of time. I'm pretty quick with most rough drafts.
<Apiee> What inspires your stories?
<PyxiRose> :)
<MandiKaye> When you write, do you start with an outline that you stick to? Or do you just start writing and let it flow that way?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Ri, yes, I almost ALWAYS outline my books first. That's actually a requirement for me, in my contracts with my publisher.
<smiling_ina> I have a question about Sophie. Does she really "hate" Kaylee because she thinks she's embarrassing her or is there maybe something else? Maybe Sophie is as self-confident as she seems?
[RACHEL VINCENT] smiling_ina The Soul Screamers edits aren't usually that bad. The Unbound edits are hell. Every single time. ;)
<Mag_GeekChic> how do you decide which mythical creatures to include in your books? (other than the bean sidhes, as you've already answered that)
<jessica> hello
<PyxiRose> Hi Jess
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, yes, I'm currently working on two other "side project" books, but I can't talk about them, because I haven't even tried to sell them yet. My agent hasn't even seen them.
<smiling_ina> Oops, I meant, maybe Sophie is NOT as self-confident as she seems. ;)
<bookhound> Do you see the Soul Sceamers following Sophie later on, maybe under different titles that don't follow the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep poem?
<bookhound> Since you based Never to Sleep on her?
[RACHEL VINCENT] KatherynUK, I'd love to come to the UK, but because of time and cost restrictions, I'll only be able to do that when/if Mira Ink invites me.
<dutchess_shoes> What are your favorite kinds of scenes to write?
<KShea970> Oh my gosh.. the titles are based on that poem? Why didn't I catch on to this sooner!
<KatherynUK> aww that sucks :(
<Cem> I think we must petition Mira Ink to bring her over here KatherynUK ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Apiee, my inspiration comes from everywhere. What-ifs, mostly. And songs. Even things other people said, but I mis-heard. Sometimes what I heard was more interesting than what was actually said. ;)
<Rachel> Katheryn, we should write to them and ask
<KatherynUK> yes, we should Cem, we should! :)
 [RACHEL VINCENT] MandiKaye, I almost never stick to an outline entirely. The book changes as it's written.
<Apiee> Thank you Rachel!
<Fiktshun> Rachel, did you have a specific order planned for the various sins in each book?
[RACHEL VINCENT] smiling_ina, Sophie...Sophie is growing, slowly but surely. She's truly not a big Kaylee-fan, for several reasons.
<KatherynUK> Haha, I'm sure if we had enough of a petition, it could work. :P
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mag_GeekChick, most of the creatures in Soul Screamers are made up-entirely, or are my versions of folklore creatures. I use whichever ones fit the plot.
<bookhound> KatherynUK...I've beed trying to get Rachel to Tennessee where she is from to do a is hard! :)
<Rachel> Question: You're a writer with quite a big online prescence, what kind of measures do you have to take to protect your own/your families privacy online?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, no, after WAMS, there will be no other Soul Screamers novels. At least, that's where I stand on that issue now. I love the series, but there are always newer and shinier ideas on the horizon. ;)
<KatherynUK> I bet. Everytime I visit America for holidays and there's a book tour, I always miss them. But I've been fairly lucky on authors I have met. Just... ahh I want to meet everyone :)
<Rachel> I haven't met any of my fav. authors yet.. I would love to though
[RACHEL VINCENT] Dutchess, my favorite SS scenes are the Netherworld scenes. In general, though, my favorite scenes to write are dialogue heavy. I love dialogue.
<smiling_ina> Rachel, are any of the SS characters based on people you know in real life? Even loosly?
<Ri> What was your inspiration for your characters? (namely Tod. I love Tod! :D )
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, I had an order for the seven deadly sins/book themes originally, but that changed a little. Once I realized Sabine existed, I knew the envy book had to come earlier than I'd intended. Remind me in the IID spoiler chat to tell you guys what the lust plot ALMOST was. ;)
<dutchess_shoes> Did you ever think the Soul Screamers series would become so popular?
<Helene> I love Tod too
<Cem> Ooh!! Shall totally remember to ask about that!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, yes, I did grow up in TN. I was there from 5th grade through my freshman year in college.
<Mintz> In MStT, there was one passage (though I don't quite remember where it was), where we learned the when they were younger, Kaylee was "adored" by her cousin, which I would assume is Sophie. Why did her "adoration" for Kaylee change? Or did the adults misinterpret that?
<smiling_ina> OMG!!! What a teaser!!! :D
<perla333> What is your opinion about fan translation?
<Fiktshun> @RachelVincent - Oh I will!
<ssfan> I love the dialogue, it's so witty
[RACHEL VINCENT] Rachel, that's a great question. I'm really big on online privacy. I never show pictures of the outside of my house or use my family members real names. Nor do I say what they do for a living or how old they are, beyond generalities. And I try to stop people from posting their email addresses in my blog comments. That's really dangerous, guys.
<KatherynUK> I always find dialogue the easiest to write. It's descriptions and action scenes I struggle with. But I truck on. :)
<Rachel> Agreed...
<Cem> Question: Rereading MSTTake I released just how much all the characters have changed by IID. Did you know where things would end up when you were writing Take?
<Shay> Hey
<Ri> Katheryn, me too. It's so hard for me to be descriptive sometimes, but dialogue comes more naturally to me to write :/
<KatherynUK> I didn't like Tod at first, but in If I Die, I fell for him so bad! haha it's amazing what fictional boys can do to a fangirl :p haha
<bookhound> Do you like ending a series? I know you said with Shifters it ended like you wanted, but do you think back on Shifters and even possible the current ones and wish you had contracted for just one or two more books. Like there was something you forgot to talk about and want to say?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_ina none of the SS characters are truly based on real people, but Nash is a sort of combination of several guys I dated or wanted to date in HS. Sabine is named after a girl in my HS who was rumored to have...been with my ex while we were still together. his own creature. ;)
<Mag_GeekChic> hi Shay
<Shay> Just got here! Glad i ddint miss (;
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, that's a good one. Yes, when Sophie was a toddler, she followed after Kaylee, as little kids often trail after their older relatives/friends. But then they become self-aware. And everything changes. ;)
<smiling_ina> Oh, wow, so that's where Sabine comes from... I can understand why you named her that now. ;) Well, yes, of course, Tod is unique, there could never be another like him. :D
[RACHEL VINCENT] Perla333 I don't know what fan translation is....
<Fiktshun> Glad to hear Tod is an original. <3 that Reaper.
<Mintz> Agreed
<bookhound> agreed
<Cem> So with you Fiktshun!! Adore him.
<Helene> When you create Tod character, do you expected he become so famous ? Would you like he become a main character in the others book ?
<MandiKaye> Okay guys, sorry - it's getting too spoilery for me. Thanks for having the chat. Bye!
<Fiktshun> Reminder: This chat is for spoilers about MSTTake and MSTLose only. No BIW spoilers!
<Rachel> Oh dear.. thanks for that horrible spoiler
<KatherynUK> sorry
<KatherynUK> didnt realise! eeep i'm leaving...
[RACHEL VINCENT] Cem (Hey!!!) no, I didn't know where all the character developments were going when I started MSTTake. I've never been contracted for more than 3 books in a series at a time (which is pretty standard) so I never know how many more books I'm going to get to write until I decide I definitely want to end a series. So...they head down their own paths, and my job is to make sure that I keep things...
[RACHEL VINCENT] ...real for them. There are no miraculous recoveries. No personality transplants. No easy outs.
<Shay> Is Before I Wake the last book of the series?
<Rachel> Question: Did you know the plot to each book when you wrote My Soul to Take, or did you just have a vague idea of what would happen in the rest of the series?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Shay, we're sticking to MSTLose and MSTTake spoilers on this board. Stay tuned for a repeat of the official policy.
[RACHEL VINCENT] OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Cem> @ Rachel (Hey! lol) 'no personality transplants, no easy outs' Ha! I think that's putting it mildly ;) And I love you for it.
<Shay> Sorry
<Ri> Weird question, but I thought I'd ask it: what kind of kid was Tod before he died, in like a high school setting? What kind of student was he? What did they think of him?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Shay, no, there will be 7 full-length novels, plus the shorts and novellas.
[RACHEL VINCENT] I'm several posts behind most of you, as I answer questions, so I apologize for the delay...
<Shay> Alright(:
<beth> I live in england and can't work out when the IID Spoiler chat is haha could someone tell me in hour many minutes/hours it is please?
<dutchess_shoes> Book 1-4 all start with “My Soul to…” Why did you change the titles up for books 5 -7?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Rachel, I plotted the books one at a time. Write one book, then plot the next. Though I usually have a general idea of where the next one will go as I'm writing the previous.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Ri (without spoilers...) Tod was a normal kid. Smart, but no overachiever. Athletic, but no super-star. He blossomed after death. But no more about that in this chat. ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Beth, that one won't be until...what? June?
<perla333> Well fan translation is when the rights to a book aren't purchased and people who make the translation make it for that people who don't know English to can read the book. Is illegally, but a fan translations are common in different countries. And I'm just curious what do you think about it :)
<Ri> Oh, okay! Thanks for answering :D
[RACHEL VINCENT] Dutchess, we changed the title pattern because people were getting the titles confused. As was I. ;)
<smiling_ina> Did you always plan on writing MSTLose as a pre-Novella, or did you agent or publisher came up with the idea?
<Cem> I think there should be a Tod specific spolier chat at a later date ;)
<beth> Oh i thourght i read somewhere it was today haha
[RACHEL VINCENT] OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Jaime> I agree ;)
<perla333> And sorry for my bad English :)
<Kihn28> RachelVincent, in book one why did you make Tod seems so miserable?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Perla, Um... I understand the reason people do that, but it really is illegal, because neither the publisher nor or author are compensated for fan translations. I'm willing to discuss that further, but not in this chat. ;)
<PandaCutie101> I'm here!
<fran> I would have thought that Kaylee and Sophie might have been a lot closer since they pretty grew up together but I guess there is a jealousy issue at work
<PandaCutie101> I know Fran!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_ina I was asked by my publisher to write MSTLose as a free novella, to give people a taste of my writing/Kaylee's world in anticipation of the books. MSTLose was actually written after the second book was complete.
<Mintz> Wanted to repost my question since it got lost in the thread before haha: In MStT, there was one passage (though I don't quite remember where it was), where we learned the when they were younger, Kaylee was "adored" by her cousin, which I would assume is Sophie. Why did her "adoration" for Kaylee change? Or did the adults misinterpret that?
<PandaCutie101> I happy how
<Rachel> Have to go but it was fun :D bye all
<smiling_ina> I absolutely love MSTLose! It shows so much more about Kaylee and how she struggled when she didn't know what was going on with her.
<Rose2468> Rachel, maybe do you if the series (or any of your book) are going to be translated to Hebrew?
<Fiktshun> Bye Rachel!
<Shay> I was soo confused, I read MSTLoose, but it wasn't about Kayelee At the psychiatric unit.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn, in book 1, Tod seems so miserable because he's pretty miserable. Nash can't mourn his brother's passing with that dead brother is still around. But at that point, Tod is starting to lose his humanity. To kind of slip out of the world of the living.
<PandaCutie101> Oops, sorry. i meant i was happy that the relationship between kaylee and nash started so quickly
<Fiktshun> Reminder: OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Shay> The titles got mized up
<Shay> I never got to read MSTLoose
<amison15> why did you choose to have Kaylee oblivious to her identity in the beginning rather than knowing from the start?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, I answered that, but I may have attributed it to the wrong asker...
<Shay> Mixed*
<Shay> Everything got soo confusing, because I never read book one, were Nash meets Kaylee
<Shay> Can u tell me which one that was?
<bookhound> Do you like ending a series? I know you said with Shifters it ended like you wanted, but do you think back on Shifters and even possible the current ones and wish you had contracted for just one or two more books. Like there was something you forgot to talk about and want to say?
<Mintz> oh oops! Sorry, the thread was moving quickly, so i missed that response
[RACHEL VINCENT] Rose, I have no information about any Hebrew releases. It's up to the publishers in any particular territory to buy the rights to the book. Otherwise, it won't be legally published there. None of that is up to me. ;)
<Cem> SS books in order: MSTLose (novella) MSTTake, MSTSave, MSTKeep, MSTSteal, If I Die.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Shay, I don't understand. MSTLose was about Kaylee in the psych unit.
<Rose2468> Sure. Thanks anyway (: I hope it'll come out in Hebrew.
<Kihn28> Ok how did you enivison the whole death scene with Kaylee and her mom
<summerbug99> When is the last book coming out?
<Shay> I know, I read the summary online but when I got it at the library, the title was the same, but the story was totally difernt.
<Fiktshun> For those who have just joined the chat: OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Shay> Can you tell me a bit abt MSTloose?
<Shay> ;0
<Shay> ;)
<Kihn28> my friends who knows what i'm writing, I write very intense death scene or accidents and they alway asked "WHY? Why did you write that?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Amison15, that's a great Q. I wanted Kaylee to be ignorant of her heritage at first so the reader could figure it out along with her. Soul Screamers has some pretty indepth world-building, and if Kaylee already knew all about it, that would be hard to convey to the reader without using info dumps.
<Shay> Omg!
<Shay> kk got yah
<bookhound> Is it hard for you to kill off a character? Do they feel like a part of you or like a child?
<dutchess_shoes> I'm starting to understand how the book titles are getting mixed up. If I didn't have goodreads open right now, I would be confused. 0.o
<PandaCutie101> RachelVincent, how did you get the inspiration for how Kaylee's mom died?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, no, I don't particularly like ending series. But I don't want any of them to drag out past their prime, either.
<amison15> thanks! was that also the same reason you started with her living with her uncle as opposed to her real dad?
<summerbug99> Racheal, When Is The Last Book Coming Out ?!
<Kihn28> Rachel, How would you describe Kaylee's mom?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn28, you mean when Kaylee was 3? You know, I don’t know. I've tried not to picture it too specifically, because I may want to write it someday as a flashback or a short, but what needs to go in that scene might change between now and then. Does that make sense?
<PandaCutie101> Rachel, how did u get the idea for kaylees moms daeth?
[RACHEL VINCENT] summerbug99, Next fall. 2013
<Kihn28> yeah it does I was just curious because Kaylee's dad always said to Kaylee she's like her mom
<summerbug99> Oh, Thanks!(: I can't wait.. My heart is like racing because when I finished the books I was like.. This Is AMAZING! I REALLy think you're one of the best writers EVER(:
<Optimistic4ever> I love how you don't let your characters out the easy way
[RACHEL VINCENT]'re all going to hate me for this, but no, it's not usually hard for me to kill off a character. I feel like those are the moments when I shine. When I can make people mourn someone I made up entirely. I think pathos and anger are my favorite emotions to write, and death lets me do both, if it's been built up properly. ;)
<Optimistic4ever> *out of trouble
<PandaCutie101> I love that relationship scenes between Nash and Kaylee? Its like your right in the middle of their romance!
<fran> I can't wait to see if Sophie's mothers death comes circling back somehow. It didn't really feel finished
<Optimistic4ever> Yeah, Sophie is an interesting character
<Fiktshun> For those new to the chat: OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, Kaylee's mom's death was actually one of the first background bits I knew for sure. The other was Nash & Tod's relationship. Those form key personality traits for the main characters. Kaylee's feeling that she needs to earn her life. Nash and Tod's complicated relationship...
<dutchess_shoes> I hate when you kill characters. It always leaves me depressed for days. :/
<bookhound> I don't hate you for it. Those are some of my favorite scenes to read. They seem to happen unexpectedly. Like you know they are in danger but you expect them to come out of it...and then BOOM you kill them.
<Cem> Strangely, I'm not surprised to hear that death scenes aren't hard for you to write! And you are freaking fantastic at them. They destroy me completely lol
<PandaCutie101> Rachel, do you think that Kaylee's uncle might ever come back in to the books for something?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn, how would I describe Kaylee's mom? Dead. Loved. Mourned.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Summerbug, thank you!
<Optimistic4ever> I feel pretty bad when characters die, but my favorite part of u killing characters off is that i know ur keeping things the way they should be
<Kihn28> So how is Emma life going to be now that kaylee and Nash saved her but in result someone else dying.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Optimistic4ever, thank you!
<summerbug99> No problem!(: I support you all the way!(:
[RACHEL VINCENT] Re: Killing off characters, I've always found that if the readers think any character is "Safe" they grow complacent. None of my c
[RACHEL VINCENT] None of my characters are safe.
<bookhound> Kihn (not that I'm Rachel) but I think Emma would be fine...they didn't trade her soul for someone elses just put hers back and let the reaper kill someone else.
<smiling_ina> I just want to say I LOVE Lydia! What was your inspiration for her?
<Cem> :)
<Fiktshun> @RachelVincent "none of my characters are safe" makes me very, very nervous....
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, Kaylee's uncle is in several of them. And I have a feeling that everyone will be involved in the final book. Everyone still living (or mostly-living) anyway. ;)
<Jaime> That's what I love about your books Rachel :)
<Shay> Why is Kaylee always soo unsure? She doesn't know how to take stand.. why did u make her chracter this waY?
<smiling_ina> btw, I was kind of happy with what happened to Kaylee's aunt... does that make me a bad person?
<Cem> Heh Fiktshun, I know the feeling...
<smiling_ina> me, too, fiktshun, me too!!!
<Fiktshun> @Cem, I love it and hate it at the same time!
<Optimistic4ever> @fiktshun, agreed
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn28, Emma's life changes a lot, especially once she understands what K & N had to do to save her. There's guilt, and relief, and the fear that one day, they may not be able to save her.
<PandaCutie101> Rachel, you have an awesomely realistic writing style. You make your audience feel right in the middle of every situation and every loop. I always feel for Kaylee for every twist and turn shes been through.
<Cem> Fiktshun I'm exactly the same way. Makes me love the books and the writing even more.
[RACHEL VINCENT] smiling_ina I love Lydia too! I consider her one of the tragic figures of the series. (Nash is another of those--but NO SPOILERS). No matter what happens, those two never seem to catch a break...
<Fiktshun> @Cem Oh definitely. :)
<dutchess_shoes> I have seen many interpretations of the name Kaylee but that is the first time I ever saw it spelled that way. Is there any reason why you did that??
[RACHEL VINCENT] Shay... I think some people would argue with you on that one. Kaylee takes a couple of very hard stands later in the series.
<Kihn28> Whatever happen to the bond between Kaylee and Sophie when they were kids?
<amison15> unfortunately i have to leave now, but before i go i just want to say that i really love your writing Rachel and thank you for writing such amazing books!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_Ina, I think Aunt Val got what she deserved. ;)
<bookhound> I agree
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, thanks!
<Jaime> Yep
<Fiktshun> @RachelVincent. Agreed. I think Kaylee is incredibly brave, fights for what she believes in, stands up for her friends.
<Cem> lol yes she did. But I felt very bad for Sophie about it.
<Shay> Makes her look lost..
<Shay> Am i the only one who thinks this?
<Optimistic4ever> What's Kaylee's last name? I'm going brain dead and I noticed something about her last name...
<Cem> NO SPOILERS for later books please!
<Ri> Cavanaugh's her last name!
<Optimistic4ever> right
<smiling_ina> my heart just broke for Lydia in MSTLose. all the pain she is taking on herself. does Lydia ever really have a choice on whether or not she WANTS to take the pain away from others, or is she compelled to do it?
<Fiktshun> Shay, please no spoilers.
<Mintz> haha I can never spell that right
[RACHEL VINCENT] Dutchess, I spelled Kaylee's name like that because that's the most common American spelling of the name that I've seen. She's kind of an "every man" character, except that she's a bean sidhe. She's the average person thrown into extraordinary circumstances. She has two choices: curl up into a ball and cry, or learn to fight. But in her heart, she never feels extraordinary. That's what the name...
<Jaime> No spoilers please!!!!
<PandaCutie101> Why was Nash never interested in Sophie? I mean, whatever magical powers Kaylee had, Sophie is a teenage high school girl. Plus, Nash didn't even know what Kaylee was until later. Please tell me why they were never interested in each other.
[RACHEL VINCENT] supposed to say. Normal, but with an Irish heritage, as a throwback to the original bean sidhe lore.
<Kihn28> Nash suspect what Kaylee is,
<Kihn28> a bean sidhe
<Mintz> Different social groups, I'm guessing?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn, When Kaylee and Sophie were kids, they had no problems. Then Kaylee's mother died, and her father left, and Sophie suddenly had to share her parents with a cousin she grows to see as strange. That's what happened. ;)
<bookhound> Panda---Probably because Sophie is a b**ch! :)
<dutchess_shoes> Oh that is kind of cool. I never thought of it that way. Oh tricky you with all your hidden meanings.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Thanks, Amioson
<PandaCutie101> Maybe. But remember Mintz, he was a major jock and she was a cheerleader. Same social group too me.
<Kihn28> No kaylee had "dated" Toby in mytl but Nash was too busy with other girls so he didnt notice Kaylee then
<Fiktshun> Was Aunt Val's sacrifice always a planned ending? It was totally heartbreaking that all those girls died for nothing...
[RACHEL VINCENT] Shay, I'm sure we'll discuss that in depth in future chats. ;)
<Shay> hehe
<Shay> ok
<Shay> thanks
<Shay> looking forward to the last book!
<Fiktshun> Reminder for those who just joined: OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
<Shay> :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_ina, yes, Lydia has a choice...sometimes. You'll learn more about that in IID.
<PandaCutie101> I would love to know more about Nashs mom. She seems awesome!
<Mintz> ^agreed
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie I don't know how to say why Nash was never interested in Sophie. Chemistry's a funny, unpredictable thing. ;)
<bookhound> much fun is it to write from the POV of someone who is just so wicked, souless, and plain mean?
<smiling_ina> pandacutie101 oh, I love Harmony!!!
<Mintz> Avari is probably one of the best antagonists in YA fiction that I've read of. :)
<smiling_ina> bookhound: he is not in MSTTake!
<Cem> The end of MSTTake suggested a past between Harmony and Kaylee's dad and uncle. Any chance we'll get that back story at some point?
<Kihn28> RachelV, will you ever write a Nash story?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, yes, Aunt Val's sacrifice was always planned. She had to see her own daughter at risk to understand how many lives she destroyed.
<Fiktshun> The chat is for MSTTake only. No MSTSave questions about Avari!
<PandaCutie101> Harmony Rocks!
<Fiktshun> @PandaCutie101 Harmony does rock!
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, yes, Harmony is kinda awesome, IMO. She has a really interesting discussion with Kaylee's dad in BIW that I think you guys will get a kick out of. ;)
<Jaime> Peeps pleas no spoilers we can and will kick you out if you post them.
<Mintz> that sounds great! can't wait to read about it
<Mag_GeekChic> ooh, sounds cool :)
<smiling_ina> I felt so sorry for the other girls too, but was sooo happy when Nash and Kaylee saved Emma. Emma has go to be one of the best friend you could ever have!
<Cem> *squee* Thanks for that hint!
<smiling_ina> got, no go ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, I LOVE writing Avari. He's so creepy. He's the kind of bad guy that you can almost get along with, and he'll let you think that's what 's happening--right up until the time that he bites your head off. Cavazos (from Unbound) is like that too. ;)
<Ri> Ugh the wait for BIW is killing me. Can't wait!
<Cem> So with you Ri.
<PandaCutie101> Don't talk about Avari! He's for later!
<bookhound> Great description...and I agree Cavazos is quite similar in that description. I LOVE IT!
<Kihn28> You know what werid abotu Avari? I thouhgt for a moment he was a she because the name sounds like a girl name
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, Avari was fun to write in BIW. I wish we could talk about that, but we have to wait a bit. But he has an interesting perspective on how IID ended. ;)
<Fiktshun> I love to hate Cavazos!
<Helene> In France it's 8.20PM so I have to go. But I want to thanks you Rachel for your book, and for give us a bite of your time to chat. You are my favorite autor and I read and re-read all of your books. So thanks.
<Cem> Oooh interesting...
<dutchess_shoes> Will there be another chat to discuss later books?
<Cem> Ha! Fiktshun once again i totally agree. I love/hate Cavazos as well.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Cem, yes! There is an interesting past between the Cavanaugh brothers and Harmony. That bit is kind of foreshadowing for Kaylee, and backshadowing for Harmony. ;)
<Fiktshun> @Dutchess_shoes - Yes, there will be monthly chats for each book in the series.
<Mintz> Belphegore, the hellion, was mentioned in MStT.. but I'm assuming that we'll learn about about her/him later?
<Fiktshun> We need an Unbound series Spoiler Chat!
<Cem> Ahh! :D
<Kihn28> Fiktshun AGREED!!!!
<Fiktshun> For those who just joined: OFFICIAL SPOILER POLICY: This chat is for spoiler discussion of both MSTLose and MSTTake only. No spoilers from later stories in the series.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn28, I've thought about writing a Nash book, but people are having a hard time sympathizing with him later on in the series, and i'm not sure that seeing things from his perspective would help that. But it may make the Kaylee-haters hate her more, and I don't want to do that.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Oh, crud. I forgot Avari isn't in MSTTAke. Sorry, guys.
<Jaime> lol
<Cem> lol!
<Fiktshun> LMAO!
<Mintz> I forgot too until someone pointed it out
<Kihn28> Cna you explain what Lydia is? or is tha ta spoiler?
<smiling_ina> LOL
<Fiktshun> As Avari is one of my favorite characters I remember when he comes into the series. :)
<PandaCutie101> NO! Dont mention him yet!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_Ina, Emma holds a special place for me. She's everyone's best friend. Pretty, but not conceited. Social, but still private. And she's Kaylee's only remaining link to the normal world. Seeing Emma put in danger because of her friendship with Kaylee is one of the hardest parts for K.
<bookhound> @fikshun...he is one of my faves too
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bye Helene! Thanks for coming!
<Fiktshun> Can you expand on just what Tod thought when he say K in MSTLose?
<smiling_ina> Oh, I absolutely adore Emma! She's amazing, and I'm so happy Kaylee has her in her life.
[RACHEL VINCENT] Dutchess, yes, we're going to do one chat for each book.
<Fiktshun> @bookhound :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, yes, we will see Belephegore again!
<PandaCutie101> Can u tell us what Nash was doing in MSTLose?
<Cem> I'm with you there smiling ina
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, I'm up for an Unbound chat. ;)
<Mintz> Do you have character songs that you listen to when you think/write about your characters?
<Fiktshun> Oooh, love this "yes, we will see Belephegore again!"
<Mintz> agreed! I'm excited to know more about this hellion
<smiling_ina> how exciting!!!
<bookhound> With having characters like Avari and the Mara (I can't think of her name...grrr!) it must be very freeing as a writer to be able to write what no one would say, but truely thinks. (I hope this makes sence)
<Fiktshun> Awesome!!!! I'll hold you to it! (And love you forever.)
<Cem> lol agreed!!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn, I don't consider that a spoiler. Though you won't actually hear it until IID. But she's a syphon. She takes surplus things from other people. Mostly emotions and pain.
<Jaime> Shhh nothing about the Mara yet
 [RACHEL VINCENT] {Fiktshun} What did Tod think when he saw K in MSTLose? Hm...
<smiling_ina> yes, yes!!!
<Mintz> :D
<Kihn28> She was beauittul?
[RACHEL VINCENT] {Fiktshun} Well, it was a brief sighting, but he was definitely intrigued. ;)
<Cem> :D
<smiling_ina> LOL
<Juli> I just got here, so forgive me if someone already asked this! Rachel, did you have to cut out any characters/scenes you really liked in MSTT?
<Sunnykimmy> When did Tod realize that he knew Kaylee from MStT?
<Kihn28> I still say even though it int he others books, Tod saw her first LOL
[RACHEL VINCENT] {PandaCutie101} What was Nash doing in MSTLose? Being Nash. The old Nash. Having fun. Hanging out. Getting good grades without really trying. Getting girls without really trying. Not yet noticing Kaylee... ;)
<Sunnykimmy> *I mean MStLose
<Cem> Regular jock then? Why am I not surprised? ;)
<Fiktshun> For those who just joined and haven't read the series, don't scroll back in the chat, as there are a few spoilers. Sorry!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, yes, I have certain songs that remind me of certain characters. But I don't typically listen to music while I write.
<PandaCutie101> Thanks for answering me Rachel!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, that's what I like best about writing Sabine. She's so brutally honest. ;09
[RACHEL VINCENT] Crap! Yes, no Sabine yet. Sorry!
<Cem> LOL!!
[RACHEL VINCENT] You guys keep sucking me in to spoilers, and I'm such an easy target!!! ;(
<smiling_ina> LOL you get right sucked in, Rachel. :D
<bookhound> Sorry I didn't mean to
<Cem> Poor Rachel!
<Mag_GeekChic> it's really hard remembering what's a spoiler! that's why I can't ask any questions lol
<Cem> lol
<Mintz> it's hard to censor it to just MStT and MStL haha
<Ri> Agree :P
<Kihn28> I think were all in book 3 or 4 right now that why theres spoilers
<Jennifer> I know same here everything I want to talk about it from the 5th book :-)
<Fiktshun> If you had to change anything from MSTTake, would you?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Juli, no there were no major cuts in MSTTake. Very few in the SS series at all, actually. My edits for those usually involve tightning prose and adding stuff. ;)
<Fiktshun> @Jennnifer - I'd love to chat about the 6th book, LOL.
<bookhound> oooooo great question @fiktshun
<Fiktshun> Thanks :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Sunnykimmy, I think that's actually mentioned in one of the future books, and I'm NOT getting sucked into another spoiler. ;)
<Jennifer> me too dying to talk about BIW
 [RACHEL VINCENT] Kihn28, yes, Tod saw her first. That's in MSTLose. But you can't call dibs on people. ;)
<Cem> I'm dying to Read BIW!
<Fiktshun> Aw shoot, I like the idea of Dibs!
<Jennifer> I call dibs!
<Cem> lol agreed!
<Kihn28> haha very true, but what about love at first sight?
<PandaCutie101> Well, everyone has to wait for BIW, stop bugging Rachel! :) I want it to you know!
<smiling_ina> so, was Nash only interested in Kaylee in first place because she was a bean sidhe? because he never showed any interest in her until he'd had his suspiscion about her
<dutchess_shoes> "But you can't call dibs on people." <--OMG HAHAHAH!
<Sunnykimmy> :) That's OK
<Mintz> last question from me: You've mentioned that you have a hard time writing the first book in a series (at l think you said something like this), did you find that to be the case with MStT?
[RACHEL VINCENT] {Fiktshun} If I could change anything in MSTTAke, I would go back and fix the timeline error. Tod actually has two ages in that book. I missed one in a timeline rewrite during the edits. ;)
<Fiktshun> I did wonder about that age thing....
<Fiktshun> (The dangers of the re-read.)
<Ri> There's also the one with Harmony's wail sounding beautiful to Kaylee... when it shouldn't :P
<Cem> I missed that first time around, but caught it in my reread. But errors happen lol
<bookhound> Since Sophie was in Nash's crown in school (the popular kids)...did he know Sophie is also a bean sidhe like he did with Kaylee? Or was it Kaylee's scream that attracted him to her?
<Kihn28> sophie isnt a bean sidhe
[RACHEL VINCENT] Smiling_ina, that's a good one. Nash may have been interested in Kayle ebecause of her species at first, but it grew beyond that.
<Kihn28> she cried at birth
<Mag_GeekChic> wait, what was wrong with Tod's age? I don't remember seeing anything, but maybe i'm just bad at being observant?
<Fiktshun> In MSTTake Kaylee seems to notice an awful lot of details about Tod. Almost more than about Nash. Was that planned?
<Cem> Ah gotta run for dinner. Bye all, thanks Rachel!!
<Fiktshun> Bye @Cem Thanks for coming to the chat!
<Juli> Thanks for answering my question, Rachel! :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Mintz, yes, I usually have a hard time with the first book in any series. The first draft of MSTTake wasn't hard, comparatively, but I didn't get it right the first time either. It took some...rewrites. ;)
<Mintz> Oh I see. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of my questions! :D You are amazing!!!
<smiling_ina> yeah, I had my doubts about Nash for quite a while, but later on you can really tell that he does care for her a lot or wouldn't have done some of the things he did...
<bookhound> CRAP!!! Was that a spoilery question?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Ri, yes, I forgot about that one. MSTTake was the first book HQTeen published, and we were all still getting that ball rolling at the time. Some things slipped th rough the cracks, unfortunately. ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Bookhound, Sophie's not a bean sidhe. ;)
<PandaCutie101> Bookhound, Sophie isnt a bean sidhe. Dont worry, you still safe! :)
<bookhound> sorry
[RACHEL VINCENT] {Fiktshun} Was in intentional that Kaylee noticed more about Tod than Nash? No. I hadn't noticed. But my CP did. During the critiques, she kept writing, "I get it. Blond. Curly. Gorgeous. But what does Nash look like?" ;)
<Mintz> LOL
<Ri> :D
<Fiktshun> Ha! I felt the same way. :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Yeah, Tod snuck up on me.
<PandaCutie101> Rachel, which, in your own opinon, is cuter in the book or real life? Nash or Tod?
<Fiktshun> He snuck up on all of us.
[RACHEL VINCENT] For those who are still here, No 1 got my chat room up and running last night, so I should be able to host the future chats on self, without imposing on Fiktshun. And we'll be having the MSTSave one pretty soon. ;)
<smiling_ina> he sure did, fiktshun, he sure did!
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, There is no way I can answer that. ;)
<Fiktshun> Yes! So excited! And then we can chat all things Unbound!
<smiling_ina> yay, can't wait!!!
<Fiktshun> @Ina - *sigh*
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, yes, we can chat about Unbound! But no one else has read SB yet... ;)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Okay, we're about out of time. Any last Qs?
<PandaCutie101> Ok, I'll rephrase it. :) Do you think your characters are cuter in your books or would be cuter portrayed as actors?
<Fiktshun> Kaylee seems very confident about most things except when it comes to Nash. Why does Nash make her feel so insecure about herself?
<smiling_ina> who was your least favorite character to write about in MSTlose and take?
[RACHEL VINCENT] PandaCutie, there is no way on earth any real-life actor could be as cute as I picture Nash and Tod in my head. But I'm more than willing to let them try. ;)
<smiling_ina> :D
<bookhound> @fiktshun...Just sent you a question via Twitter. :)
<Sunnykimmy> I remember you asking on Facebook for suggestions for names for a new character (not sure for which series). But how did you pick the names of Nash, Kaylee, Tod and Emma? Was it random?
[RACHEL VINCENT] Fiktshun, I don't think it's Nash who makes her insecure. I think it's dating/love in general. He's her first serious bf (Toby didn't last long) and there are always some growing pains involved in that.
[RACHEL VINCENT] smiling_ina, there aren't any characters I don't like writing in SS.
<PandaCutie101> Alrighty then! I'll be going now! Thanks so much for answering my questions and please do this again soon! Thank you! <3 Nash! Bye!
<Mintz> Yes! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. I'm also going. Can't wait for the next chat! :D
<Fiktshun> Ahh! Poor K!
<PandaCutie101> I agree with Mintz!
[RACHEL VINCENT] SunnyKimmy, Nash was the hardest to name. He went through 5 or 6 names before his, and I eventually just ran out of time to give him a real name. So Nash stuck. No. 1 thinks it's hilarious that he's named after two cars. Which was totally unintentional.
<bookhound> I feel like I'm going insane!!! I have so many questions but they are to far in the series to ask! AHHH!!
<smiling_ina> This was so much fun! Thank you so much for all the insight!!! :)
<Ri> Yes, thanks so much for everything! :)
[RACHEL VINCENT] Okay, thanks so much for chatting with me, guys! I've had a blast! And we'll do it again in about a week for MSTSave. ;)9
[RACHEL VINCENT] My smilie had a nine. ;)
<Jennifer> Thank you! Can't wait for later chats so we can get into juicy Tod questions! lol
<Rose2468> Thank you for the chat, Rachel!
<smiling_ina> Sweet!!! I can't wait!!!
<Sunnykimmy> Yes thanks for answering our questions :).
<Mag_GeekChic> this was really fun! thanks for doing this, Rachel, and thanks Fiktshun for setting it up!
<bookhound> THANKS RACHEL!!!
<PandaCutie101> Please do one later for BIW! BYE!! LUV U RACHEL!!!!
<bookhound> Your to awesome!!
<Fiktshun> Thank you so much for answering all our questions!
<Jaime> Thanks Rachel!!!!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Yes, thanks so much to Fiktshun, for setting the whole thing up!
<smiling_ina> You both rock!!! :D
<bookhound> Yes thanks Fiktshun you are way awesome too!! :)
<Sunnykimmy> I agree
<PandaCutie101> YEAH for FIKTSHUN!!!
<Mag_GeekChic> haha
<Fiktshun> Thanks everyone and sorry for any spoilers that got through.
<smiling_ina> especially for hosting the challenge in the first place!!! BEST THING EVER!!!
<Mag_GeekChic> smiling_ina YES
[RACHEL VINCENT] Yes, I'm sorry for the spoilers. I'll be better next time. ;)
<Fiktshun> Start saving up those questions for MSTSave and Avari! :)
<Mag_GeekChic> yay!
<smiling_ina> they weren't your fault, rachel, you just got sucked in ;)
<PandaCutie101> TOTALLY!!! BYE!!!
[RACHEL VINCENT] Okay, logging off now for a break from typing. See you all online!
<Mag_GeekChic> bye!
<Fiktshun> Bye!
<PandaCutie101> BYE RACHEL!!!
<smiling_ina> bye!!!
<Jennifer> bye
<Fiktshun> Thanks for helping moderate Jaime!
<Jaime> NP answer my question lol
<smiling_ina> Thanks so much, Rachel, and Jaime for helping her!!! I gotta run. Have a great Sunday!!! :)
<Jennifer> Thanks for the chat!
<Mag_GeekChic> have a great day everyone!
<Juli> Thanks for the chat, everyone! Bye! :)

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