Apr 23, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Steal

My Soul to Steal

(Note: Helene's review does contain spoilers for MSTSteal.)

A new book, a new danger for Kaylee. Since she has discovered she was a bean sidhe, Kaylee didn’t know anymore what a normal life means.

After having face Avari in the third book to save Nash and her dad, she thinks she can go back to school and tries to forgive Nash, but she is wrong. The Netherworld and Avari are not far and a new girl arrives at Kaylee’s school.

The new girl :

Sabine is a new senior at Kaylee’s school. She is the opposite of Kaylee. She is self-confident, looks sexy and she is desperate to have Nash. It’s a new challenge for Kaylee.

Kaylee and Nash’s relationship :

After what Nash did to Kaylee in the third book, she can stay with him. He has to go again his withdrawal and Kaylee needs time to forgive him. Nash loves her but she can’t trust him and their relationship can’t be like before.

And with Sabine, Nash’s ex girlfriend, things become more difficult for their relationship. Nash needs Sabine as a friend. Sabine loves Nash. Kaylee is jealous of Sabine. Sabine says she wants Nash and there a lot of fight between Sabine and Kaylee.

Sabine is better for Nash because she loves him, trusts him and can help him with his withdrawal. Kaylee can’t do that. It’s too soon for her. In the end of the book, Kaylee and Nash will go out together. But for me there are not for each other. Their beautiful relationship is over.


I love him more and more. He is always here for Kaylee. They become closer in this book. He is a real friend for Kaylee and a support. He wants to protect her. He saves her in the end when he comes back to the netherworld to take her.

He doesn’t want that Kaylee go back with Nash because his brother is better with Sabine and he is right.

Sometimes, I find he acts really strange with Kaylee. His irises are swirling. I think he has feelings for Kaylee. I love them together. But for Kaylee he is just a good friend.

Avari and his new plan to have Kaylee’s soul

Avari wants Kaylee’s soul since the second book and he doesn’t want to give up. He is the real bad in the book. He kills people through Alec, he possesses Alec, Kaylee’s father, Sabine, he creates the blitz with Invidia. He does all these things to have Kaylee. Fortunetely, Kaylee, with the help of her friend and especially Tod, survives again.

My read and re-read experience

During my first read, I don’t see that Alec was possessed a few times by Avari. He seems to have absences but we don’t understand. During the second read we see when Alec is possessed.

To have a good understanding of a book, it’s necessary to read it several times. Each read is better than the last.

Sometimes I read a book and I don’t want to re-read it but with Soul Screamers I always want to re-read them a lot of times. Rachel Vincent writes so incredible books that we want to read them again and again. From the firsts pages we are in the heart of the action and we can’t stop reading.

Rachel Vincent has created an original universe and very good characters.

And to conclude this re-read is better than the other because I read the original version, with no translation, it’s the author’s words.

I can’t wait to read the fifth because it’s my favorite.

Apr 22, 2012

SSRC Month Three Winners

Prize #1 - The Rachel Vincent book of your choice ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository to TWO WINNERS

Winner One - #53 - Team Tod's Soul Screamers Challenge Blog (FB)

Winner Two - #36 - Riffs and Reviews

Prize #2 - A copy of Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions to ONE WINNER

Winner - #2 - Books4Juliet

Prize #3 - A signed copy of My Soul to Steal to ONE WINNER

Winner - #16 - The Cait Files

Prize #4 - A signed copy of If I Die to ONE WINNER

Winner - #45 - Mandi Kaye

WINNERS, if you do not wish to receive your prize - please let me know by email at fiktshun[at]gmail[dot]com or in the comments and I'll choose another winner or winners. If you choose not to accept your prize, I will give you an extra entry into the end of challenge giveaway.

Winners of the book of your choice, please contact me by email with your address details and your book of choice. It can include a pre-order for Shadow Bound.

Winners of the signed books, please contact me by email with your address details.

Congratulations to the month three giveaway winners! With each month of the giveaway more prizes will be added!

Apr 14, 2012

Reading Mind's Review of My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep

This was the book that convinced me I made a great choice getting on Team Tod. Why? Because I hated Nash in this book so much I could hardly stand the scenes he was in. Because there was something totally off and wrong about him and we soon discover what it is.

What can I say about this book? It was the one that made me grow very, very fond of this series and probably the one in which I realized how good Rachel was at creating characters to whom the reader could connect. Not to mention all the tiny clues that can be found along the way (Demon’s breath? We got it in book 2 and now plays an important role!). Kaylee has to deal not only with demons and bad Netherworld creatures, but also with the guy she loves, a guy she used to trust but who ended up making bad choices and putting their relationship at risk. While Kaylee is trying to find out who’s selling a powerful, addictive and lethal Netherworld drug to her schoolmates, she is forced to realize that Nash is no prince in shining armor and has become an addicted to it, too.

Her world collapses and she has to deal with her broken heart, because Nash paid for the drug with…memories. Memories of their love! Up until this book I disliked him, but now I openly hated him! How could he do this to sweet Kaylee? How could he try to force her to do things she was not ready to do? He’s supposed to love her, support her and take care of her, not be a jerk like he actually is. What he did to her was unforgivable and I felt sorry for Kaylee. Really sorry. I liked her a lot in this book, because she is trying to do something good, she wants to help (hero complex? Maybe, but she’s just great) and ends up with having her life messed up in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine.

This story surprised me in many ways: I didn’t expect half the things that happened! Seriously, I could put it down because I had to know what happened next. And lucky me I had the next book ready to be read, or I would have died from anticipation. I think this is one of the few series that gets better as it goes on. Usually I find myself slightly disappointed, even with my favorite books, as the story goes on, but the Soul Screamers series gets better with every page you read. I love how Kaylee is growing stronger and independent; I love how we get to discover new things about the Netherworld. It really gets addictive (wait, did I breathe Demon’s Breath while reading it? This may explain why I suddenly feel the need to go read the book all over again).

On a side note: huge congrats to Rachel Vincent! Really, she’s a great and brave writer for making her characters doing what they do even if it’s risky, because the readers may not like it. This book really felt real to me and so did the characters. I loved it!

Rating: I gave it 4 stars on my first read but it’s totally a shining 5 star this time!

Apr 13, 2012

Renee's Review of My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep

And so it begins. When I first started re-reading this series, I thought that there was no way I could possibly fall in love with Nash all over again, knowing what he would do to Kaylee. It would be impossible that he could be able to tear my heart out one more time while I sat there seething against the injustice of it all. Needless to say, I was wrong.

Nash seems to have a certain effect on people. Even with all of the evidence against him staring you in the face, you don't want to believe that he would ever do something wrong. He does love Kaylee, that much is obvious, but he's no longer her knight in shining armor. He got knocked off of his horse, and he won't be coming back up again without a few dents. Nash isn't nearly as perfect as everyone seems to expect him to be, and he's been dealt one of the worst hands so far. To say that he had no power to fight fate wouldn't be true at all, but now I've come to understand his circumstance a little better. I could never forgive him for the part he played, but at least my boiling hatred has cooled down to a passionate dislike the second time around.

The fact that I feel any emotion so strongly towards these characters is an immense pat on the back for Rachel Vincent. You can't possibly expect to like everyone, that would make the novel unrealistic, but nothing is worse than complete indifference. A lack of feeling for anyone means that they take up useless space on a page that could have been better spent. Luckily, the author never allows this to happen. Whether it's the new strength I see growing in Tod, sympathy for Alec's situation, or even distaste for Sophie the Ice Queen, everyone plays a deep enough role to mean something to the reader. Everybody and everything that happens in this book is important. Even if at times you just want to throw it against the wall, at least it makes you feel something, which is as much as I could ever ask out of any of the books I read.

Rating: 5 stars

Apr 4, 2012

SSRC: My Soul to Save Spoiler Chat

It's that time again and I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the second of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge Spoiler Chats for My Soul to Save with Author Rachel Vincent. And it's happening TODAY!

DATE: TODAY, Wednesday, April 4th

TIME: 6:00PM Eastern/3:00 PM Pacific

LENGTH: Approx. 1 hour

WHERE: Rachel Vincent's chat room. CLICK HERE to read the author's post for details. A live link to the chat room will be added at 4:30 Eastern.

WHO: Anyone is welcome to join in, even if you aren't participating in the challenge.

DETAILS: This spoiler chat will ONLY be for spoilers from the second book in the series, My Soul to Save. So, please keep your questions limited to the events and characters in that book only. NO SPOILERS ABOUT IF I DIE. NO QUESTIONS ABOUT SABINE.

So if you aren't sure which book your question comes from, play it safe and save your question for a later chat or try to keep it generic and spoiler-free.

So as much as you may want your questions answered, don't spoil it for everyone!

So, I hope that you will be able to join the chat later this afternoon/evening. As Avari makes an appearance in this second book in the series, let those questions about everyone's favorite hellion roll!

And as this second chat is taking place in Rachel Vincent's chat room, the setup is much easier to view, but it does require a login. So stop by a few minutes early so you don't miss anything!

As it's so easy to get caught up in the chat, if you have specific questions you are dying to ask, make sure to have them ready beforehand or you might just forget to ask.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the event, please leave a comment on this post and I will respond.

Apr 1, 2012

SSRC Check-in and Giveaway #5

We're officially just over the halfway mark in Month Three of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge. I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

My Soul to Keep is the last full book review I will be writing for the challenge as I've already reviewed My Soul to Steal and If I Die. So, this month is bittersweet for me. As is this book, as it's really the turning point for a certain character and their relationship.

And being over the halfway mark in Month Three also means that we're over the halfway mark in this challenge. If you are falling behind, don't worry. Spring is a crazy time. Just seeing the flurry of activity on Twitter makes me glad that it's not just me.

But there's still time. Even if you haven't read the first book in the challenge, there are still a couple months left to either catch up or just get started. This is meant to be a stress-free challenge after all.

Of course for those of you who are first time readers, you will want to get caught up on this series by the time Before I Wake comes out because you won't want to delay reading that next book. Especially after the way things ended in If I Die....

And just a reminder - in case you don't see it to the right in the sidebar - the My Soul to Save spoiler chat will be held this Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern in Rachel Vincent's chat room. Just click the image for the link to sign up and sign in!


Once again I'll keep things simple for this check-in giveaway and make these questions the same for new readers and re-readers alike. And as we are still in month three, please no spoilers for MSTKeep (in case someone hasn't yet read it) or any future books in the series.
1. Who is your favorite character in My Soul to Keep? (If you've read it)
2. Who is your favorite character in the series so far? (If you haven't)
3. Has your opinion of Nash changed after reading My Soul to Keep? (If you've read it) Yes or No answers only.
4. What would you rather be: A bean sidhe, a reaper, a hellion or a human?

Just fill out the form below with your name, email and answers to the four questions and I will let Random choose one winner on Friday night at 10 p.m. Pacific for:

One copy of any of Rachel Vincent's books that I can order from Amazon or The Book Depository. (This can include the two anthologies with the short stories that are in this month's mini-challenge, which will be held again in a couple months.)

Yes, it's international. Yes, you have to be at least 13. And yes, if you choose one of the adult reads you need to be at least 18.

I will contact the winner for their book selection by whichever method they leave me to contact them and announce them here in this post on Monday.

To enter, fill out the form below:

Thanks so much for checking in and sharing your progress for month three of the SSRC! I'll be running the names through Random and announcing the winner here on Monday! Good luck and stay tuned!
Congratulations Alaiel! You are the winner for a Rachel Vincent book of your choice from Amazon or The Book Depository.

I will be contacting you by email for your book choice and your details.

There will be another check in, in a couple of weeks when the My Soul to Steal month begins. I hope everyone is having a great time with the challenge!