Apr 23, 2012

Helene's Review of My Soul to Steal

My Soul to Steal

(Note: Helene's review does contain spoilers for MSTSteal.)

A new book, a new danger for Kaylee. Since she has discovered she was a bean sidhe, Kaylee didn’t know anymore what a normal life means.

After having face Avari in the third book to save Nash and her dad, she thinks she can go back to school and tries to forgive Nash, but she is wrong. The Netherworld and Avari are not far and a new girl arrives at Kaylee’s school.

The new girl :

Sabine is a new senior at Kaylee’s school. She is the opposite of Kaylee. She is self-confident, looks sexy and she is desperate to have Nash. It’s a new challenge for Kaylee.

Kaylee and Nash’s relationship :

After what Nash did to Kaylee in the third book, she can stay with him. He has to go again his withdrawal and Kaylee needs time to forgive him. Nash loves her but she can’t trust him and their relationship can’t be like before.

And with Sabine, Nash’s ex girlfriend, things become more difficult for their relationship. Nash needs Sabine as a friend. Sabine loves Nash. Kaylee is jealous of Sabine. Sabine says she wants Nash and there a lot of fight between Sabine and Kaylee.

Sabine is better for Nash because she loves him, trusts him and can help him with his withdrawal. Kaylee can’t do that. It’s too soon for her. In the end of the book, Kaylee and Nash will go out together. But for me there are not for each other. Their beautiful relationship is over.


I love him more and more. He is always here for Kaylee. They become closer in this book. He is a real friend for Kaylee and a support. He wants to protect her. He saves her in the end when he comes back to the netherworld to take her.

He doesn’t want that Kaylee go back with Nash because his brother is better with Sabine and he is right.

Sometimes, I find he acts really strange with Kaylee. His irises are swirling. I think he has feelings for Kaylee. I love them together. But for Kaylee he is just a good friend.

Avari and his new plan to have Kaylee’s soul

Avari wants Kaylee’s soul since the second book and he doesn’t want to give up. He is the real bad in the book. He kills people through Alec, he possesses Alec, Kaylee’s father, Sabine, he creates the blitz with Invidia. He does all these things to have Kaylee. Fortunetely, Kaylee, with the help of her friend and especially Tod, survives again.

My read and re-read experience

During my first read, I don’t see that Alec was possessed a few times by Avari. He seems to have absences but we don’t understand. During the second read we see when Alec is possessed.

To have a good understanding of a book, it’s necessary to read it several times. Each read is better than the last.

Sometimes I read a book and I don’t want to re-read it but with Soul Screamers I always want to re-read them a lot of times. Rachel Vincent writes so incredible books that we want to read them again and again. From the firsts pages we are in the heart of the action and we can’t stop reading.

Rachel Vincent has created an original universe and very good characters.

And to conclude this re-read is better than the other because I read the original version, with no translation, it’s the author’s words.

I can’t wait to read the fifth because it’s my favorite.

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