Apr 14, 2012

Reading Mind's Review of My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep

This was the book that convinced me I made a great choice getting on Team Tod. Why? Because I hated Nash in this book so much I could hardly stand the scenes he was in. Because there was something totally off and wrong about him and we soon discover what it is.

What can I say about this book? It was the one that made me grow very, very fond of this series and probably the one in which I realized how good Rachel was at creating characters to whom the reader could connect. Not to mention all the tiny clues that can be found along the way (Demon’s breath? We got it in book 2 and now plays an important role!). Kaylee has to deal not only with demons and bad Netherworld creatures, but also with the guy she loves, a guy she used to trust but who ended up making bad choices and putting their relationship at risk. While Kaylee is trying to find out who’s selling a powerful, addictive and lethal Netherworld drug to her schoolmates, she is forced to realize that Nash is no prince in shining armor and has become an addicted to it, too.

Her world collapses and she has to deal with her broken heart, because Nash paid for the drug with…memories. Memories of their love! Up until this book I disliked him, but now I openly hated him! How could he do this to sweet Kaylee? How could he try to force her to do things she was not ready to do? He’s supposed to love her, support her and take care of her, not be a jerk like he actually is. What he did to her was unforgivable and I felt sorry for Kaylee. Really sorry. I liked her a lot in this book, because she is trying to do something good, she wants to help (hero complex? Maybe, but she’s just great) and ends up with having her life messed up in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine.

This story surprised me in many ways: I didn’t expect half the things that happened! Seriously, I could put it down because I had to know what happened next. And lucky me I had the next book ready to be read, or I would have died from anticipation. I think this is one of the few series that gets better as it goes on. Usually I find myself slightly disappointed, even with my favorite books, as the story goes on, but the Soul Screamers series gets better with every page you read. I love how Kaylee is growing stronger and independent; I love how we get to discover new things about the Netherworld. It really gets addictive (wait, did I breathe Demon’s Breath while reading it? This may explain why I suddenly feel the need to go read the book all over again).

On a side note: huge congrats to Rachel Vincent! Really, she’s a great and brave writer for making her characters doing what they do even if it’s risky, because the readers may not like it. This book really felt real to me and so did the characters. I loved it!

Rating: I gave it 4 stars on my first read but it’s totally a shining 5 star this time!

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