May 20, 2012

Helene's Review of If I Die

If I Die

(Note: Helene's review does contain major spoilers for If I Die)

If I Die is my favorite Soul Screamers’ Novella and the first full book I read in English.

I couldn’t wait for the French version so I ordered the book in English. I read it twice to have a better understanding and I re-read it when I ordered it in French.

I love this book. It is so good.

Kaylee has yet to fight a bad creature but she must also fight again the time. She has just five day to live. The main character is going to die, how is it possible?

This book is more intense because she has not a lot of time. She wants to protect her friends before she dies.

The fight again the incubus is so great. He is not a hellion, he lives in the human world but he is too dangerous. A new enemy, and a new fight, I love that.

I love this book too because Kaylee chooses Tod. She understands that she loves Tod. I love when they are together. Tod tells her about his life and his death. They are so cute together. They are for each other but it’s very sad because they have not a lot of time being together.

In the last chapter, I think my heart stop beating when Levi kills Tod. I want to cry and I can’t believe this. It can’t happen. I don’t want my favorite character die. So, I’m so happy when he comes back in the end. The ending is wonderful.

I can’t wait to read the new book. Kaylee is dead but she has an afterlife. It will be very interesting to see how she will “live” now.

Just one month to wait.

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