May 15, 2012

SSRC Mini Challenge: Fearless and Niederwald Redux

As promised, I am bringing back the Mini Challenge for "Fearless" and "Niederwald" now that everyone has had the chance to meet Sabine in My Soul to Steal.

"Fearlesscan be found in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology and "Niederwald" can be found in the Enthralled anthology.

These short stories were not listed as part of the original Extra Credit reads on the main blog, but I have been allowing them to count as an entry into the monthly giveaways and the end-of-challenge giveaway.

So if you have reviewed either - or both - short stories during any of the challenge months and haven't yet left a link, you can leave your link in the MONTH FIVE link-up list. Each review or thoughts post for each short story will count as one entry.

Even if you enter the Mini Challenge Giveaway, you CAN still leave your link or links in the MONTH FIVE challenge link up at Fiktshun. This Mini Challenge just gives you an EXTRA chance to win a book.


If you wrote a review for either - or both - of these short stories during ANY month of the challenge, you can enter this Mini Challenge! You can enter even if you entered the previous Mini Challenge giveaway, as long as you didn't win that Mini Challenge.

Sorry if I've gone a bit off topic, but here are the details you need...
The Challenge
To read and review - or share your thoughts about - "Fearless" and "Niederwald."
The Rules
  1. Read either or both "Fearless" and "Niederwald" between January 15 and June 14, 2012. (It can be a re-read, but it must be re-read between January 15 and June 14.)
  2. Review or post your thoughts on either or both books between January 15 and June 14, 2012.
  3. Post your link to each review or thoughts post in the Linky below. Make sure you leave a link for EACH post.
  4. Reviews or thoughts post MUST be dated between January 15 and June 14, 2012.
  5. You can get up to TWO entries for this mini challenge giveaway.
  6. There will be TWO winners.
  7. Entering this Mini Challenge does NOT prevent you from entering your post links in the MONTH FIVE link-up reading challenge at Fiktshun.
  8. Even if you entered the previous Mini Challenge for these stories you can enter the links again for this Mini Challenge as long as you weren't the winner of the previous challenge.
The Prize
Winners will receive a Rachel Vincent book of your choice from Amazon or The Book Depository. Prize can include a pre-order of Before I Wake.
If you don't have a blog, Facebook page, Goodreads account or Tumblr, leave a comment below and if your thoughts or review is positive, I will post it here on the SSRC.

Good luck and Happy Mini Challenge!

Let's see those posts...


  1. Both short stories are on the link, I did a double feature blog on Sabine.

  2. I'll have to reread Fearless >.< That's the one I have :D

  3. Oops, I didn't put on the correct link for Niederwald, I'll repost it.

  4. Grrr. . . Ok My first link Sabine's Campbeel world has both short stories on the post so If you could count it as twice that would be find. I tried to attempt to put on another link (same post) for Niederwald but I use the wrong link. So Just use the first link, I'm number 1 on the list.

  5. Hi Kat,yes I will count that link 2x for this mini challenge! Good luck!