Jun 8, 2012

Past SSRC Unclaimed Prize Winners

The following prizes still remain unclaimed. I've added in the month four winner who has yet to claim their prizes, too.

All unclaimed prizes will be added to the month five giveaways. And if none of the eBook winners respond, I will combine that into a pre-order copy of Before I Wake instead.

UPDATE: This post has been updated with prizes marked claimed or unclaimed as of the end of the challenge. As both eBooks were unclaimed, I'm adding one pre-order for BIW to the MONTH FIVE Prizes

Fiction Freak – a signed copy of My Soul to Keep - UNCLAIMED - added to Month 5 prizes
Jo’s Book Reviews – a Kindle eBook of Never to Sleep - UNCLAIMED - with the other unclaimed eBook adding as pre-order of BIW to Month 5 prizes
Epic Chocolate Fantasy – a Kindle eBook of either My Soul to Lose or Reaper - UNCLAIMED - with the other unclaimed eBook adding as pre-order of BIW to Month 5 prizes

Angie @ Pinkindle – a Rachel Vincent book of your choice - CLAIMED

Team Tod’s Soul Screamers Reading Challenge FB – a Rachel Vincent book of your choice - UNCLAIMED - added to the month five prizes

Always Hoping for More - A T-Shirt from Rachel Vincent's Urban Quill Cafe Press store
Always Hoping for More - If I Die signed


  1. How could people NOT claim these prizes!! Goodness. I should have participated. I did read them all while you were holding your challenge, and I'm EAGERLY awaiting the next one!! :o)

  2. If you posted reviews during the challenge months you can still officially sign up and put your links in this month's list to be entered for the prizes. Just saying! Any reviews from January 15 to June 14th count. :)

  3. I know Mickey! I can't believe people would let this stuff go! Eesh!

  4. OMG I cannot believe people have not claimed these.

  5. I totally didn't know I won anything! How do I claim my prize?!

  6. T____________T whoever won a shirt ~shoot daggers~

  7. Ah! Sorry I found the email in my spam filter. Emailing you now...