Jun 6, 2012

Reading Mind's Review of If I Die

If I Die

(Note: Reading Mind's Review contains major spoilers for If I Die)

Finally the re-read of If I Die has come and I feel this is going to be my worst review EVER because all I can say is 'THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME."

*deep breath* Okay, so, I know what was going to happen, as I read it when it came out, but still, how could you not fall in love all over again with Rachel Vincent's writing and her shocking ways to hold readers' attention?

In this book I'm back to love Kaylee again more than ever. She is about to die. Yes, you heard that right. Kaylee, the leading female protagonist, is about to die. And in the meantime, in order not to sit and think about her fate, she's trying to save girls at her school because her new and hot teacher is really an incubus feeding on girls' desire.

Where do I start? I adored Kaylee in this book. She's back to being the strong, smart, independent girl I love. She's stubborn, set on doing things her way. She's obviously afraid of death but she's brave in her fear. I wish a girl like her could be my friend. And she's finally understood that Nash is not the right one and she starts to see Tod with new eyes and YES, THEY KISS. They are just insanely cute together and the way they grew closer through the whole series is just perfect and very believable! Ms. Vincent has utterly outdone herself, because they feel 'real' together!

Nash is…well, I couldn't stand him in the previous book and it's the same for If I Die. He's got an attitude I dislike and he acts like the jerk he is when he finds out about Tod and Kaylee. I could have cut him some slack because finding your ex girlfriend is in love with your brother must be hard, but I always despised the way he treated Kaylee, so I make no excuse for him. And the fact that he tries to force Kaylee to have sex with him and that he uses his powers on her was absolutely his lowest point.

I *almost* got to like Sabine in this book, which is saying something, and I am not going to talk about Tod. He's perfect, the best character of the series, with his dark humor, his concern for Kaylee and his witty yet sad remarks. Yes, Team Tod forever and always. Oh, and because of Tod I tried apricot jam (if you read the book, you understand).

And what about the plot? The book was unputdownable from the very beginning. There is so much more than romance, there's action, friendships, doubts, death, confusion, romance, everything you want and even more. Rachel Vincent doesn't disappoint her fans at all and the ending…oh, the ending will make you want to have the next book immediately.

This is the last review for the challenge. I'd like to thank Rachel Vincent for creating such an addictive series, one that only gets better with every book and every re-reading, but also the amazing host of the challenge. It was a pleasure to take part in it and THANKS for being so kind and supportive! Double thanks to the Rachel(s) !

RATING: 5/5 shining stars.

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