Jun 20, 2012

SSRC: Unclaimed Prizes

I know it's a little soon to create an "unclaimed prizes" post, but I'm trying to wrap up all the giveaways for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge and I'm hoping this post will put those who have won prizes on notice.

I think I ordered and/or sent out - or am in the process of sending out - over fifty prizes at the end of this challenge. Between the participation post, the end of challenge giveaway, the month five prizes and the star winners, it added up to a LOT of prizes. And a lot of panic.

But I don't think anyone got lost in the shuffle.

There are a few winners I'm waiting to hear back from in response to their emails to me that I responded to. (Did that actually make sense?)

And there are a few prize winners who are awaiting the release of Before I Wake so that I can send the books to the author for signature.

I've got all books ordered from Amazon and The Book Depository for those who did email me with their details. Yay!

And I've sent the addresses to the author for the specialty bound book prizes!


But I really don't think I missed anyone.

So, that leaves those who haven't yet contacted me to claim their winnings. And there are just a few.

If you are one of the following, please be in touch so that I can order your prizes!

UPDATED 6/28/12

Ron @ Stories of My Life - you won a pre-order copy of BEFORE I WAKE. FORFEITED 6/28
Young Readers at Home - you won a signed copy of BEFORE I WAKE. CLAIMED!
YA Reader's Escape - you won a Rachel Vincent Book of Your Choice. CLAIMED!
Kiara @ Goodreads - you won a pre-order copy of BEFORE I WAKE. FORFEITED 6/28
The Cait Files - you won a pre-order of BEFORE I WAKE. CLAIMED!
Shaft's Words - you won a pre-order of BEFORE I WAKE. FORFEITED 6/28
Jacinda @ The Reading Housewives - you won a pre-order of BEFORE I WAKE. CLAIMED!

Thanks to everyone for being patient as I got everything sorted and ordered! I am so glad to hear that so many of you had fun! And I really do hope you can join in on the BEFORE I WAKE reading challenge that will run from JUNE 26-August 1!

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  1. Oh God!!! they won amazing books!!! Hope they can claim them soon! Too bad if they missed. Can't believe it!