Jun 18, 2012

A Thank You to ALL SSRC Participants

I wrapped up the challenge over at Fiktshun and announced the end of challenge winners there as well as highlighted all the stars of the challenge - those who either posted in all five months of the challenge or who received 10 points in the challenge.

But I wanted to thank and list ALL active challenge participants!

Without further ado, here they are in order of point values.

Hoping4More Simple Reviews 15
Smiling Ina's Bookish Corner 15
Aleksandra's Corner 15
p7 @ Bookeater/Booklover 15
Jen @ Midnight Book Thief 14
Deann @ Goodreads 13
Alaiel @ Librarian Mouse 13
Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal 13
Kristin @ Goodreads 13
Debbie @ Goodreads 13
Helene @ Facebook/SSRC 13
RiffsAndReviews 13
Melissa @ Goodreads 12
Kiara @ Goodreads 12
Renee @ SSRC 12
My Book Obsession 12
YA Readers Escape 11
Lucia @ Goodreads/Reading Mind SSRC 11
Kristin @ My Parahangover 11
April @ Books4Juliet 11
Tyawna @ Goodreads 11
Mandi Kay @ Never Too Fond of Books 10
Alba @ BookPics 10
Kat @ KHN 10
The Whispering of the Pages 10
Ron @ Stories of My Life 10
A Book Obsession 10
Ashley @ Wholly Books 10
Cinq @ To Tell the Time 10
Chandra @ Unabridged Bookshelf 9
Nicci @ Paper Dreams 9
Nicole (Dragonbee13) @ Goodreads 8
Shafts Words 8
Erin @ Paranormal Book Nook 8
Adriana @ Reading Fictional 8
Kelsey's Cluttered Bookshelf 8
Lis @ Nox-Invictus The Reader Lines 8
Jacinda @ The Reading Housewives 7
Herding Cats & Burning Soup 7
Reading in the Mountains 7
What the Cat Read 7
Pavan @ Goodreads 7
Carmen @ Coffeebookbandbat 7
Team Tod @ Facebook 7
Angie @ Pinkindle RR 7
Lea @ Goodreads 7
Tsk, Tsk What to Read 7
Psique @ Book Travels 6
Jo @ Once Upon a Bookcase 6
Emilies Book World 6
Geek Chic 6
Carina @ Fictional Distraction 5
Kate @ Epic Chocolate Fantasy 5
Ashelynn @ Gypsy Book Reviews & Goodreads 5
Emily Baker @ Facebook 5
Maricar @ Blackplume 5
Gabic Reads 5
Putting Pen to Page Heather 5
The Cait Files 5
Shaina Jachim @ Goodreads 5
Ali @ My Guilty Obsession 4
A World of Words 4
Angela @ Goodreads "Angie" 4
Raquel @ The Book Barbies 4
Hannah @ In the Best Worlds 4
Poppy @ Goodreads 4
Heather @ Goodreads 4
Krazzyme @ Young Readers 4
Nicole @ Bookaholics 4
The Savidge Way of Blogging 3
Random Musings of a Bibliophile Judy 3
Hackaroos Reviews 3
The Autumn Review 3
ShawnaLeAnn @ Dreaming In The Pages 3
Stephanie @ From Books Paradise 3
Sukies Bookends 3
Well Disordered Mind 3
Bookworm Brandee 3
[Bookish Comforts] 3
Enna @ Goodreads 3
Rose @ Read, Write, Leave 3
Mortality Bites 3
Paige (The Book Vulture) @ Goodreads 2
Emmalee Giantomasso @ Goodreads 2
Bella Collela/Paranormal Book Club/GR 2
Inspire Imagination 2
Magical Urban Fantasy Reads 2
Sierra @ Happily Never Ending 2
Tee @ Dreamingdreams 2
Ephrielle @ Hope, Love, and Happy Endings 2
Ella @ Goodreads 2
Delphine @ Goodreads 2
YA Sisterhood 2
My Thoughts On Surviving Life 2
Irene @ Goodreads 2
Candaces Book Blog 2
Nea Barabea @ My Life is a Fairytale 2
Fiction Freak 2
Ciara @ Lost at Midnight Reviews 2
Steph @ The Night Bookmobile 2
Book Lovers Paradise 2
Meg @ Goodreads 2
Paranormal Fantasy Addict 2
Melt My Heart 2
Jennifer (Nightshade) @ Goodreads 2
Katrina Whittaker @ Goodreads 2
Andrea @ The Bookish Babe 1
Ifrah @ Booksters Café 1
Lavished with Books 1
Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books 1
Bookish Things & More 1
Hannah @ Once Upon A Time 1
Michelle @ Mishelvesofbooks 1
Jay @ We Fancy Books 1
Katrina @ Bookish Things 1
Debbie @ Coffee Tea Dreamer 1

While I counted 119 active participants (including me), I only list 116 here (not including me) as two entrants posted reviews that were dated prior to the start date of the challenge so were not technically "active" during the challenge and didn't receive point values for those reviews.

And for an explanation of the point values...

For posting a review of any of the full-length books during the correct challenge month dates, that earned you a total of two points each.

For posting a review of any of the novellas or short stories during any of the challenge month dates, that earned you a total of one point each.

For posting a review of any of the full-length books during a challenge month that was not for that book, that earned you a total of one point each.

If you passed on a prize and earned an extra entry into a monthly giveaway, that did not count toward your point values for the end of challenge, just for that particular giveaway.

Maximum points for this challenge were 15. And there were four challenge participants who got that perfect score so I'm adding in an extra thank you to them! Especially as the short stories were extra to the challenge and not part of the original list of "extra credit" reads.

I would like to thank all of you for signing up and taking part in this challenge! Each one of you made this challenge a success! I hope you enjoyed getting to read or re-read Rachel Vincent's amazing series. I know I did!

And if you'd like to join me on June 26th through August 1st for a read of BEFORE I WAKE, I'd love to have you join in. Details to come next week!


  1. The biggest THANK YOU goes to you Rachel!
    This has been the best challenge of this year!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Yeah, I loved this challenge & reading these books, so I'll definitely join you on the reading of Before I Wake, and once again - thank you for hosting!!!

  3. Thank you for hosting this, it was amazingly fun and got me to read this series, which I now love!

  4. I would like to thank you for hosting this amazing challenge. I'm sure you'll host another SS challenge for the end of the series. It will be a sad time for when we will no longer see Kaylee's world after 5 years.

  5. Wow! So many entries & participants! SSRC is really a SUCCESS!!! Congrats Rachel! Thanks for hosting and Thank you also to Rachel Vincent fot all her lovely books!

  6. Thanks for hosting this contest! It's been a lot of fun! I was so happy to get a chance to re-read the series!