Jul 20, 2012

Reading Mind's Review of Before I Wake

Before I Wake

[Note: Reading Mind's review contains spoilers for BIW]

If I Die…what can be said about this absolutely great book? It just shines with its brilliance, the fast-paced plot, the unforgettable characters and the sarcastic and witty lines written by the magic pen of Rachel Vincent.

"So, Kaylee, how's your first day back going?"

"Fine." As long as 'fine' could be defined as the half-way point between horrible and unbearable.

I thought I couldn't possibly love this book more than If I Die. Turned out I was totally wrong. I was hooked from the very first word (actually, from the dedication of the book) and I couldn't put it down. Kaylee is at her best; she's finally more confident, stronger than ever, even if she still has to work on accepting the fact that she's dead. She has some problems adjusting to her new non-life, but I love the way she acts, I love what she says…she has grown so much from the beginning and she is become a gorgeous independent woman. I loved the plot and the twists, all the unexpected things that happened (Avari! Hellion walking on earth! NOT GOOD) and I was stunned by Kaylee's new ability. Waiting for the next book is going to be an agony.

There is not a thing I didn't like in this books: Nash, my previously not-so-likeable Hudson brother, has kind of redeemed himself at my eyes. I can see how he struggles to get on track again and how he tries to protect Kaylee and I do hope he'll get better. Sabine has been a nice discovery, too. She's nicer than usual and I love her attitude and her bad-assness. She's starting to be less selfish and girl is smart. Tod…oh, well, what can I say about the most gorgeous, caring, loving and all-around GREAT reaper in the world?

“You're not lost, Kaylee. You can't ever be lost, because I'll always know where you are. And if I'm not there with you, I'm on my way, and nothing standing between us ill be standing for very long.”

See what I mean? He's absolutely perfect but he manages not to be arrogant. Kaylee and Tod are just the perfect couple and they fit each other perfectly. They are dealing with some nasty problems but they work in team, together with Nash, Sabine and Emma, and they great. I especially liked Kaylee's father in this book; he's finally come to term with the fact that Kaylee is a woman, even if he thinks he lost her now that she's kind of dead. I loved their conversations and the way he treats Tod.

This is not really a review, it looks like me gushing about how great the book was. It. Was. AWESOME. Rachel Vincent has done it again, she wrote a compelling, fast-paced, well-written and unputdownable story, a rollercoaster of emotions that won't disappoint the fans. Now, PLEASE, give me the next book!

RATING: 5 stars…no, wait, 5 supernovas!

Jul 16, 2012

Renee's Review of Before I Wake

Before I Wake

This book is…. something. I'm not quite sure what that something is just yet. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it. Before I Wake dragged me onto an emotional roller coaster that left me a little shaken up. I must have literary vertigo. Yeah, that's it.

As always, this book was beautifully written without seeming to be too formal. As a reader, it's very important to me that each of the characters have a "voice." This sort of mental tenor I hear every time they speak, or in Kaylee's case, throughout the entire narration. The twisted mess that is my brain needs this as an anchor to tie the entire story together because without it, nothing seems real enough for me to believe it.

Each of the characters needs to be so defined that they create their own person. Someone that I can count on to maybe not always make the right decision, but one that makes sense for them. They have to be able to surprise me without making me feel skeptical, and they definitely have to make me miss them when they're gone.

Before I Wake had all of this and more: it was an entire whirlwind of craziness. It made me laugh so often that I was sore, and it made my heart swell with pride during those "awwwww…." moments. But I was so in shock throughout the entire thing that I don't think I fully came to terms with all that had come to pass until long after I reached the last page.

And that's when I broke down into tears.

Everything was kicked up another level from where things stood after If I Die. The stakes are higher, rules are broken, and suddenly everything is on the line because no one is safe anymore. All hell is about to break loose. Literally.

Rating: 5 stars

Jul 14, 2012

Helene's Review of Before I Wake

Before I Wake

[Note: Helene's review contains spoilers for BIW]

I’ve just finished reading BIW and the first thing I want to say is: Ouahhhhhh, this book is so so great.

I love this book and the fact that I won it with my participation to the Soul Screamers reading challenge makes me love it more.

How Rachel Vincent can have a so big imagination? There is always action and we never know what happens next, which dangers the characters will have to face.

In the beginning we were with Kaylee for her first day at school after her death. It’s very difficult for her because she is different now. During the entire book, I find that Kaylee is the same girl but in the same time she is completely different. The death makes her different. She has to get used to her afterlife and she needs time. Thankfully, Tod is here to help her. I love to see them together. They are for each other, they need each other. They love the other so much.

I love their first time together, it’s so sweet. Tod is so nice and cute. He wants that this first time means something for them both.

But Kaylee can’t spend her afterlife to just love Tod. The hellions are never far from her. Even dead, she has to fight them, to save her friends and family and to save her soul.

We don’t know what happens. People die again and souls are stolen. It’s not a new danger; it’s the same as always. Avari is here and more than ever he wants Kaylee’s soul. He finds a way to cross to the human plane. The author must have a very good imagination to find that because it’s so incredible. I could never find something like that.

And the end, I can’t believe that. It was so amazing. They face three hellions, and Emma dies but she comes back in Lydia’s body. The hellions are always a threat for everybody. How can we wait one year after an end like that? I want to read WAMS now even if I will be very sad after WAMS because it’s the last book.

I love so much Soul Screamers and the characters. They are like friends for me. I follow them during all the fights and I fear for them. Reading one of the Soul Screamers book is so intense.

And I’m so happy because I understand the entire book very well. After reading five full books and three novellas in English I think that I have a better understanding.

So I would like to thank again Rachel Vincent for this wonderful book and this wonderful series. She is a so great author and she has always time for her fans. It’s so amazing to have the chance to chat with her during the Soul Screamers chat.

I can’t wait for the BIW chat.

To conclude Before I Wake is so great and deserves a lot of read.