Jul 14, 2012

Helene's Review of Before I Wake

Before I Wake

[Note: Helene's review contains spoilers for BIW]

I’ve just finished reading BIW and the first thing I want to say is: Ouahhhhhh, this book is so so great.

I love this book and the fact that I won it with my participation to the Soul Screamers reading challenge makes me love it more.

How Rachel Vincent can have a so big imagination? There is always action and we never know what happens next, which dangers the characters will have to face.

In the beginning we were with Kaylee for her first day at school after her death. It’s very difficult for her because she is different now. During the entire book, I find that Kaylee is the same girl but in the same time she is completely different. The death makes her different. She has to get used to her afterlife and she needs time. Thankfully, Tod is here to help her. I love to see them together. They are for each other, they need each other. They love the other so much.

I love their first time together, it’s so sweet. Tod is so nice and cute. He wants that this first time means something for them both.

But Kaylee can’t spend her afterlife to just love Tod. The hellions are never far from her. Even dead, she has to fight them, to save her friends and family and to save her soul.

We don’t know what happens. People die again and souls are stolen. It’s not a new danger; it’s the same as always. Avari is here and more than ever he wants Kaylee’s soul. He finds a way to cross to the human plane. The author must have a very good imagination to find that because it’s so incredible. I could never find something like that.

And the end, I can’t believe that. It was so amazing. They face three hellions, and Emma dies but she comes back in Lydia’s body. The hellions are always a threat for everybody. How can we wait one year after an end like that? I want to read WAMS now even if I will be very sad after WAMS because it’s the last book.

I love so much Soul Screamers and the characters. They are like friends for me. I follow them during all the fights and I fear for them. Reading one of the Soul Screamers book is so intense.

And I’m so happy because I understand the entire book very well. After reading five full books and three novellas in English I think that I have a better understanding.

So I would like to thank again Rachel Vincent for this wonderful book and this wonderful series. She is a so great author and she has always time for her fans. It’s so amazing to have the chance to chat with her during the Soul Screamers chat.

I can’t wait for the BIW chat.

To conclude Before I Wake is so great and deserves a lot of read.

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